Thursday, March 03, 2005
The proposal!
March 1, 2005

The couple already decided to spend their lives together from the first 2 months of being officially together. Rain asked her if she wants to spend her life with him. And Kaye had been feeling also the same way for him. And both of them were inseperable and been there for each other.It was a tiring night for both of them because it's also the day they got back from Puerto Galera and they have to go to work that night. It happend when Kaye's in the boardroom with her officemates having their meeting. --nearly prepraring for their break.
Then,12 midnight,(already March 1, 2005) Rain knock and hand her a paperbag. Kaye is wondering what's the occasion? He just said nothing. And when Kaye opened the paperbag... it's a stufftoy w/ a card. She was overwhelmed of the stufftoy.. but Rain is so serious that he insisted to read the card on that very moment. Of course, Kaye have to read the card in front of her officemates...Then suddenly, Rain ask her if she's already done reading the card... Kaye just say "YES" even if she's not done reading it.
But of course, Kaye already had a hinch that it is the day she'd been waiting for. Then Rain just put that "little box" in front of her and Kaye just cried and cried! Most of her officemates were crying & shouting that even Kaye's manager ran to the boardroom and wants to figure out what's happening. But seeing Rain handed the ring trying to fit in to Kaye's ring finger....He's speechless! Speechless it seems to Kaye, because she didn't even say a single word going out of the boardroom!
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