Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Off Our List!

Finally, we've accomplished some of the Church requirements such as Baptismal Certificates and Confirmation Certificates. Though Rain doesn't have his confirmation yet. =( He'll get his confirmation on September 9 at National Shrine of the Sacred Heart (Dao, Makati). He's supposed to get the confirmation at San Miguel Church but he opted to get it nalang sa NSSH kase mura.hehehe! Aside from mas cheaper, its near lang our place kaya he don't have to travel all the way to Malacanang.
Last Saturday, we went to SSA to pick-up our endorsement letter for our Pre-Cana seminar at San Agustin on Sept 2 (8am). Since SSA don't have Bernadette also mention that we'll have to schedule our Canonical Interview by Oct (together w/ SSA parish priest). Ngek. We don't know na meron pa palang ganon. hehehe! We also decided to get our Pre-Cana as early as now para by Sept we'll concentrate on our Marriage License and some wedding stuffs.
Can't believe that its already less than 4months until our wedding day! That's the reason din siguro why almost everyday I had my wedding nightmare. Nanjan na ung pink daw ang color ng shoes ko. Tapos late daw ang HMUA ko, lahat daw umiiyak nung nag walk down the aisle daw ako and I was crying also (which I think magiging totoo). I was a cry baby! There's this instance nga my officemates were planning a stag party for Rain. I just told them na walang stag party at gastos lang yan. Because Rain already told me na wala na ngang ganon. But my officemates were insisting na surprise un and wala talagang alam dun si Rain just in case! Then kinulit kulit pa rin ako kung ano ang mga nangyayari sa stag party (you know what I mean)! Ayun sa kakakulit nila naiyak na ako! huhu =( Tapos I told Rain about it and he assures me na walang ganon! Gastos nga lang. But if ever daw na gawan siya, wala daw siya magagawa. But he promised me na walang girls hahaha! But how can he be sure, e pano kung meron diba? may magagawa ba siya dun? basta sabi ko sama ako sa stag party! nyahaha! =p
Anyways, last Sunday we went to our 2 Ninongs and Ninangs (couple). As usual, binusog nila kami. We brought them cakes from Red Ribbon and wine from Marks and Spencer. Now, we still have 17 ninongs and ninangs pa to visit. hay! This was our target this coming Sept na. Hope we'll finish it. Goodluck haha! =p
I also got a text message from Henry Tan of Craftmaster that our invites layout was done. He'll just send it to me thru email nalang daw. Excited! I just send him the list of our entourage last week. Kaya lang hindi pa halos complete namin nila. Some of them halos nickname palang! hehe! I'm still thinking of love quotes to put in. Hay!
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Saturday, August 26, 2006
My 3rd fitting w/ Veluz!
Just this morning I had my third fitting with Veluz. Na-excite ako. I was expecting meron ng beadworks sa bodice ng gown ko. Sa final fitting pa pala daw un. Finish palang ang train ko. =p My mom and Rain was very happy with the outcome. Medyo teary-eyed nga siya e. Sobrang ganda daw. Ang she keep on commending Veluz for a job well done. Kahit na hindi pa tapos, congratulate na nya agad yun. And Veluz was very happy about it. Pa-humble pa hehehe! =p I'm so happy, i can't explain why! Sana december na. Ayaw ko na nga ihubad ang gown ko e. hahaha! My shoes are already done. Wala lang beadworks. As well as my bag. Rain was laughing about my bag, "ano daw malalagay ko dun?haha!". I like the unique shape and it's very feminine!

Next visit would be on Sept 6. Rain's fitting for his suit. =p We'll both have our final fitting on Oct na! Mami-miss ko si Veluz. Medyo matatagal-tagal pa un!
I really love my gown! (obvious ba? e lahat halos ng pics post ko... =p). 3 more months and 3 weeks to be exact! Can't wait and Love it.

Veluz trying to adjust the length of my gown na!

she's giving me instructions where to put my veil (i will have 5 yards of tulle for my veil, mahaba pa sa train ko! WOW =p

my shoes (wala pang beadworks) but fits perfectly! Good job Niko! =p

my bag! small unique, perfect! =p

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Church Requirements!
After my shift went to Rain's house and had our breakfast together. I'm scheduled to pick up my baptismal certificate at NSSH. Finally, both of us have our baptismal certificate. Next step is confirmation. I already called MHC (Mary Help of Christians Parish) for my confirmation certificate and it's ready for pick up also on Sunday! Whew =p Very busy na! Rain will have his confirmation soon. He's undecided pa if he'll get it at NSSH because they have a scheduled mass confirmation on Sept 9. Having 2nd thought pa siya kase half day un confirmation. Bat daw ganon katagal. Meron naman daw na halos 1 hour lang pede na.

We also called San Agustin Church for the Pre-Cana Seminar. They can accomodate us if we'll have an endorsement coming from SSA. Good thing when I called Bernadette, she'll just give us nalang daw and it's ready for pick-up tom (Saturday). So, right there and then Rain called San Agustin to have our name listed on their scheduled Pre-Cana seminar on Sept 2, Saturday at 8am. Whew! What a relief! Next step is the canonical interview from SSA parish priest on Oct. Yey!

** Before leaving their house, nakipagkulitan muna kay Duncan! He's such a cutie huh?

Rain's nephew (Duncan) - answering the phone already! kulet =p

Little Shaolin Duncan! =)

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Friday, August 25, 2006
cont. Missed Blogging!
August 10 (Thursday) – We had our meeting with our AE, MeAnne Antonio of Edsa Shang. We also made our 50% downpayemnt for us to be protected from the agreed minimum revenue requirement. Grabe, we’re caught off guard with the sudden increase they have this year. Imagine, from 300K minimum revenue requirement to 400K. And since our wedding will be on December, another increase pa ule iyon. Kaya when Me-Ann gave us the total package for 490K, hala! Halos muntik na kaming himatayin. Kaya super react agad kami ni Rain. Because we have 150 guests and hindi naman kami mag-invite ng 300 pax noh. Pang 300 – 400 pax na yata ung price na un e. So what she did was just recomputed everything. She gave us nalang P370K net including cocktails na rin good for 100 pax. We change also from P1,400++ per head to P1,600++ per head.
Sweet potato salad with marinated shrimps and chive flowers
Waldorf salad with walnuts
Assorted greens and dressing with condiments
Crispy beef with hot basil and sesame seeds
Fresh spring rolls with green mango and bean sprouts
Banana flower salad with spicy minced pork in sesame dressing
Squid fish salad in sweet chili sauce

Cream of broccoli with toasted almonds

New Zealan Angus Sirloin

Main Course
Penne pasta alfredo style
Bacon wrapped prok fillet
Tiger prawns braised in palm sugar
Malaysian style white pomfret fillet
Assorted garden vegetables
Chicken strips with shitake mushroom
Rice croquettes
Herbed buttered rice

Chocolate truffle cake
Caramel mousse with passion fruits
Assorted fresh fruit platter
Warm mango crepes
Mousse au chocolate
Meringues vermicelli’s nougat parfait
Cream cheese cake
Coffee and Tea
However, we’ll schedule our food tasting by October na para if they’re still changes, medyo hindi nagmamadali.

Then, we also discuss the cocktails. Wala talagang choice about this. It’s very uncomfortable naman daw for our guests to loiter inside the hotel. Our ceremony will end around 4pm and we still have 1-2 hours waiting time before dinner. So, we opted to get cocktails na nga. Ang kulet nga because may theme pa kaming East meets West hehehe! =p We’ll serve sioplets, siomai, nuts, chips and fruit punch for the drinks.
Here’s the hotel package inclusions (as discussed):

Ice Carving (not decided with the design yet; to be advised)
At the Entrance w/ stunco lights
Flowers (undecided yet)

Pre-wedding Cocktails (4pm)
Beverage arrangement: preordering 100 servings of fruit punch (station set-up/ passed around)
Nuts and chips; set up on saucers for all cocktail tables
Assorted sioplets and siomai
Set up 6 cocktails tables at the foyer
Iced water station with glasses set up around

Crew Meal (good for 11pax)
Chicken adobo
Mixed vegetables
Plain rice
Fruit salad

Set-up (Garden Ballroom)
Halfmoon Table for the bride & groom
Presidential table for 50 persons (principal sponsors)
Oval presidential table for 50 persons
Round tables as VIP table for __ persons each
Buffet stations
Table for cake
Table for gifts
Dancefloor (4x5m)
Doors to be closed prior to couple’s arrival
Red carpet from the presidential table to the cake table
Stage for the band (The Sentimental Groove)
Round tables of 10’s as regular table
Round tables of 12’s as regular table
Reception table for __ persons, manning c/o coordinator
Table numbers with stand
5pc. Easel stand for the photo galley
Enlarged layout at the entrance
Directory of reserved tables at the entrance
Pictorial room (to be advised)

Audio Visual
Rostrum Microphone
3 Microphone floor and stand
Motorised Screen (Garden Ballroom 1 & 4)

Beverage Arrangement
To serve 1 servings / round of iced tea / fruit punch
To bring in 10 bottles of wine w/o corkage fee
To provide (1) bottle of sparkling wine for couple’s toasting (part of the package)

Linens (to be advised)
Table cloth for the presidential table
Table cloth for the VIP table
Table cloth for the regular table
Beige long seat covers
Doves in a box (to be endorsed to Concierge, pick up by 12nn)
Table napkin
Cake table skirting

Flowers (to be advised)
Halfmoon flowers
Long & low
VIP table centerpiece
Tall centerpiece – Martini Glass with mirror below
Round and low
Backdrop (ecru gauze with Tivoli lights)
Cake flowers
2 pcs Cake table décor
Cake stage pillar
Bridal car décor c/o bridal car supplier

Bridal Package
- Overnight stay in 1-bedroom Suite with Buffet breakfast for 2 at the Heat
(c/in: Dec 15 c/out: Dec 17)
- Overnight stay in an Executive room (for entourage)
(c/in: Dec 15 c/out: Dec 16)
- Bridal Car (3hours)
(pickup time: 1:35pm hotel main lobby)
(Benz Stretch)
- Guestbook with pen at the registration table
I'm just worried of the room that she gave us. From deluxe, she upgrade it into an Executive Room w/c is kinda small when we made an occular visit last August 1. Veluz already mention this to me when I had my 2nd fitting. Baka nga daw talaga mahirapan ako 'coz I have a long detachable train. So, what we did, we get the Edsa Club. If we'll get an upgrade from Executive to 1-bedroom suite, we'll pay 10K++ per day. The regular cost of the 1-bedroom suite is 16K++ per day without any upgrade un ha. And if I'll get it for 2 days, it'll cost us 32K! Whoa! No way! OA diba??? But if we have the Edsa Card, it'll cost us only for 10,500 for 2 days na in a 1-bedroom suite. So, parang 5K lang siya per night, and nag-cashout namin all in all 17,500K (7k for the card & 10,500 for the 1-bedroom suite) instead of paying 21K just for an upgrade. At least we still get to keep the Executive room for 2nights. What we plan is to give the room for our entou (1 night) and the other night siguro voucher na lang muna. Rain doesn't want to use the room. Sa house nalang daw siya. Additional expense. We'll just sell it nalang siguro pero bahala na! Bahala na si batman! =p
After Edsa Shang, we have our lunch @ CPK. 2nd-day celebration of my birthday daw na kaming dalawa lang..hehehe! Grabe, we had a lot. We ordered salad, pizza, shrimp fettuccini pasta. Whew! Kaming dalawa lang ha? Ang lalaki pa naman ng serving nila. Parang hindi kami kumain ng ilang araw sa na-order namin haha! Paminsan-minsan lang naman e. Birthday ko pa! hehehe! =p Very simple celebration yet very special and memorable one 'coz I got to celebrate my last birthday as a single person! =p
August 13 (Sunday) – Went to Paranaque to visit 2 of our principal sponsors. Initial plan was 4 ninongs/ninangs that day. Para isang puntahan na lang. But due to unexpected circumstances, 2 of which cancelled and re-set na lang in a different day. Good thing at 2 nalang talaga ang napuntahan naming because sobrang hirap pala dahil mabubusg ka ng sobra. Both of them prepared good food for us. The 1st ninang we wen to was in the morning and the 2nd ninong was in the afternoon. Halos walking distance lang ang layo between them (same village e!). Kaya when we left the house of the 1st ninang, we’re full na sobra. Both of them served us rice. Not the typical merienda ha? As in full meal. Kaya when we went to 2nd ninong busog na busog na talaga kami na halos hindi na kami makahinga. Kakahiya naman kase they’re really prepared. Tapos hindi mo man lang gagalawin ang food. Kaya lesson learned, one ninong or ninang at a time. Make it a point na medyo mahaba ang gap in between them. Mabobondat kayo waaaaaaaaaahhh! =p
Auguts 19 (Saturday) – Third day celebration of my birthday. Actually, it’s a double celebration of my birthday and Jeff (my officemate). After shift, the rest of our MX team went to Jeff’s place at Sta. Mesa where they market and cook food. Siyempre, hindi ako nagluto.hehehe! They cooked sinigang na baboy, inihaw na liempo, inihaw na tyilapia, garlic mushrooms, cheese sticks, crispy pata, spaghetti and lots of beer. Everyone had a great time, videoke, kwentuhan, asaran, tawanan and lots of drinking. It was a tiring day. Imagine from work tapos uwi kami ng 6pm na halo. Antok na antok na ako and yet it was a blast. Sarap!
August 20 (Sunday) – We had a meeting with Christian Banawa & Kate Fermin of The Sentimental Groove. Finally! Because of schedule conflicts lagi nalang napo-postpone. We had our meeting @ Starbucks, Glorietta. Prior to our meeting, Rain & I had been compiling all the songs we want from Church to Reception.
Church Ceremony
Prelude : Only Time (Enya) / Pachelbel’s Canon In D
Entourage: : Panunumpa (Groom’s Entrance: w/ Voice;
Entourage Entrance: Canon In D)
Bridal Entrance : The Prayer (Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli)

Mass Proper

Alleluia : c/o TSG
Wedding Vows : Theme from “Love Affair”
Offertory : Take & Receive or Tanging Yaman
Holy : (Recite)
Acclamation : (Recite)
Amen : c/o TSG
The Lord’s Prayer : c/o TSG
Lamb Of God : c/o TSG
Communion : Lead Me Lord / Anima Christi / Sayo Lamang
Unity Candle : One Hand, One Heart

Presentation of The Newly Weds : Destiny (Jim Brickman)
Pictorials / Signing of Contract : The Gift (Jim Brickman)
We’ve Only Just Begun (The Carpenters)
Now That I Have You (The Company)
Beginning Today (Agot Isidro)
So It’s You (Raymond Lauchengo)
Forevermore (Side A)
You (The Carpenters)
I Will Always Stay In Love This Way (Nina)
Loving You (Ric Segreto)
Recessional : Umagang Kay Ganda (Side A)
Reception Program

Receiving Of The Guests : The Real Thing (Kalapana)
Till There Was You (Piolo Pascual)
One Fine Day (Nathalie Merchant)
A Love That Will Last (Renee Olstead)
Bridges (Kevyn Lettau)
Perfect (True Faith)
My Cherie Amour (Stevie Wonder)
You Don’t Know Me (Jann Arden)

Entourage : I love You More Today Than Yesterday (S. Staircase)
Principal Sponsors : Knocks Me Off My Feet (Stevie Wonder)
Parents : She (Notting Hill OST)
Couple’s Grand Entrance : Happy Together (The Turtles)
Invocation : __________________

Dinner : Overjoyed (Stevie Wonder)
The Nearness Of You (Norah Jones)
I Won’t Last A Day Without You (Carpenters)
Blue Moon
Come Fly With Me (Frank Sinatra)
The Way You Look Tonight (Michael Buble)
Swept Away (Christopher Cross)
Nightbird (Kalapana)
Each Day With You (Martin Nievera)
Till There Was You
Home (Michael Buble)

Special Number (sister) : Very Special Love (Maureen McGregor)
: Feels Like Home (Chantal Kreviazuk)

Cake Cutting : What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)
Garter Ceremony : Careless Whisper (George Michael)
Calling Of All Single Ladies : You To Me Are Everything (The Real Thing)
Games : Wishin’ & Hopin’ (My Bestfriend’s Wedding OST)
Calling Of The Bachelors : Heart To Heart (Kenny Loggins)
Games : Love Shack (B52’s)

Couples First Dance : That’s All (Rod Stewart)
Money Dance : Moonriver (Henri Mancini)

Finale / Dance : Happy (Square Heads)
: Gonna Get Your Love (S Sense)
: Let’s Groove (Earth, Wind & Fire)
: September (Earth, Wind & Fire)
: Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You
: Awitin Mo At Isasayaw Ko (VST & Co)
: Sumayaw Sumunod (VST & Co)
: I Love The Night Life
: ButterCup

During the discussion, Ian mentioned the sound system which we didn’t even pay attention. We’re suppose to shoulder din pala the sound system w/c was not even provided by Edsa Shang. Pareho kaming nagulat ni Rain, Edsa Shang’s sound system is not compatible for the band’s requirements. So, what we did we just paid 1000 php reservation fee para sila na bahalang maghanap ng sound system para sila nalang ang kausap namin. Baka mahirapan kase kami pag dalawa pang kausap. At least dapat naman talaga magkasama na un. Para hindi na naming problemahin just in case. I’ll just wait for Ian to email me the inclusion in the sound system. Next meeting will be on Aug 29 (Tuesday).
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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Brtiney's Long Lost Twin
Ever see someone you think looks like someone else? Wa-hell....

Meet Britney. Her clone anyway. Lots of people ask if it is really her at first, but no.
Just a fantastic clone. Also a smack resemblance to Jessica Simpson some have pointed out. Especially the middle block.

She's 19; likes to sing, dance, party - blah blah blah.
This picture to the left is taken from a talent show type deal thing singin her heart away (No word if she actually sounds like Britney too - but who cares?).
So whadda you think?
Find this girl attractive?
Think she looks like Britney Spears??
Looks like a real sweet girl. Real fun.
She ain't perfect though.
She's a lot less cute without her makeup on...

Did I mention she's a guy?... Ya. Forgot to mention that part. -Dude in drag folks.

Same person without Make-UP!

Yes friends. That's right.
It's a guy.... A dude. A boy. A fella. A male. A human being with penile reproductive organs.

All for real. Here's some more of our little princess:

Disclaimer: Got this from email. Cool huh?! =p

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Our Cover!
I tried printing out our missalette cover. I used the metallic paper (110 gsm) Rain & I bought last Sunday. We bought one pack muna para we can print only a few. Mahirap na if we'll buy it in bulk. I had difficulty in printing out. Napunta kase sa kabilang side e. Dapat kase sa right side siya, instead sa left side na-print. Nyark! Kaya if you'll going to read it you'll use your right hand to turn the page instead of the left hand! Buti nalang I already solve the problem. Na-shunga na naman ako...hehehe! =p I print out the 2 cover sample. Parang wlang difference! Mas obvious lang ung sample 2 'coz it's colored. Pasensiya na kung medyo malabo! O baka paubos na rin conlored ink ko?! hmmm...

left to right: sample 2; sample 1 (hindi obvious na metallic paper noh?!)


Ria my friend, officemate and kumare at the same time send me some pics of my inaanak, Amare. He's only 5months old and look at him. He's so big! Ang cute talaga ng mga baby... (uuuyyyy! wala lang...hahaha!).

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Monday, August 21, 2006
When Superheroes Retire...
Got this email and find it really funny. Want to share it... La lang! =p Enjoy

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Missed Blogging!
It's been quite a while since I haven't post anything. I missed blogging. Geee! Time really flies so fast. It's exactly 117 days to go. I haven't updated my blog for quite a while (more than a week na!). I've been very busy with wedding preps and work. I didn't even have the chance to open my pc for a week.
Well, to start it of...

Wednesday (August 9) - My birthday! Nothing special. I celebrate my day with my Labidoodle and my family. As usual I still have to come to work (have no choice!). Although we have a birthday leave, I just decided to use it on the day itself. My works starts at 12midnight. So, by 12midnight (my birthday) I was in the office! hehehe =p I ask my sister to cook baked macaroni for me to bring in the office. And one of my officemate gave me my favorite Red Ribbon's Chocolate Mousse. So sweet! =p Sarap!

Rain fetch me after work. He also had his leave. =p We went straight home. We planned to have lunch with my mom and sister. Sayang lang hindi makakasama si Joshua (my brat nephew!). He gave me a surprise gift. O diba? Of course c/o my sister. He's a cutie huh?!

look at his cheeks? taba noh?! =p

We had lunch in Sentro at Greenbelt III. Of course my treat. We had simple lunch lang together with my loveones. Kinda in a hurry nga lang mom ko because she still needs to attend a meeting after lunch. We agreed to watched a movie nalang after kahit na puyat puyat ako from work. We watched CLICK! It tells the story of overworked Michael Newman, (Adam Sandler), an architect so wrapped up in his job because of his boss (David Hasselhoff), that his family is forced to take the backseat. This particularly frustrates his wife (Kate Beckinsale). It was funny though but a lot of lessons learned.

By the way, Rain just gave me money as gift. Ako na daw bahala kung ano ang gusto ko! hehehe =p I have everything na daw. And he's having difficulty looking for a perfect present for me. Naks! Drama! I want to shop sana. Shopping sa Mango of course but I siyempre we need to save up. Dami wedding expenses. Kaya I kept the money and put it in the bank nalang muna. Postponed muna! hehehe =p I had a great time spending my last birthday as a single person. I thank God for giving me a caring and loving family and a future husband.

to be continued...

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Monday, August 07, 2006
Church & Legal Matters
Application For Marriage License

A marriage license is required for either Civil or Church wedding. The application for is available at either party's local Civil Registry office. After filing the application, a 10-day waiting period is required by law before the marriage license can be issued. The license is then valid for 120 days and may used anywhere in the Philippines.
Required documents:
Birth Certificate. Certified True Copies from NSO for both bride & groom.
Parental Consent (for 18-21 years old or Parental Advice (for 22-25). The legal age for marriage is 18. If the bride and/or groom is aged between 18 and 21, written consent is required from the father, mother or legal guardian.
Barangay Certificate or Proof of Residency. To verfy if bride or groom is indeed part of the municipality, proof of residency (may be passport, credit card/bank statement or valid IDs with photo and address) must be presented.
Certificated of Attendance in Pre-marital Counseling and Family Planning. Seminar is conducted by the Division of Materna; and Child Health at the Municipal/City Hall.
Church Requirements for Filipino Catholic Weddings
The archdiocese of Manila requires the followig for Filipino Catholic Weddings:
Baptismal Certificates. Issued at least 3 months before the wedding and must bear the annotation: "For Marriage Purposes Only". Requirement from both parties whether Catholic or not.
Marriage License or for those who are civilly married, a certified true copy of the Marriage Contract submitted at least one week before the wedding date.
Certification of Freedom To Marry Issued by the Parish priests of both parties or Wedding Banns. forms of which will be provided by the church and have to be immediately brought to the respective parishes of the the bride and grrom for posting. These must be returned to the parishe after three Sundays.
Confirmation Certificate. Issued at least three months before the wedding and must bear the annotation: "For Marriage Purposes Only".
Canonical Interview. This will be conducted by the Parish priest to ensure readiness of the couple.
Pre-Marriage Seminar. Inquire at the parish office for schedule. Some parishes allow attendance in other marriage preparation program such as the Catholic Engaged Encounter or Discovery Weekend.
List of Names and Addresses of Principal Sponsors
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Happy yet Sad!
Yesterday, Saturday, after my friday shift, went to my dentist again for adjustments. Medyo minamadali ko na kase siya. hehe! =p Siyempre puyat na naman ako from our dinner with my officemates and work last night. I have to wake up by 7pm instead of 10pm. E galing pa ako kay Veluz that day. Hay! Anyways, after dentist we went to watch a movie with my sister at Glorietta. Rain were having second thought about it. Dahil he knows na puyat ako baka makatulog lang ako. However, kahit na puyat nagyaya pa din ako. We watched "Sukob". Miss ko na mag-mall. Kahit puyat ako. Kinaya ko pa din. I can say mas scary siya sa "Feng Sui". Some of my officemates don't recommend us to watch it. Baka daw ayaw na namin magpakasal. Duh? Hello! Ok ka lang? Yun lang ang masasabi ko! =p Actually, matatakutin ako! I'm the type of person na ng-iimagine. Gets? Kaya hindi ko kayang mag-isa sa dilim. Nyay! Kaya kanina, when I went to the CR, grabe pati ilaw sa dining binuksan ko. Natakot at baka magpakita saken ung bata! whew... kaya I even request na kung pedeng matulog si mama sa kwarto ko! Buti nalang at pumayag. Kaya ngayon tulog na siya, bukas ang tv and ilaw. Takot pa din ako. So, for sure mamaya mag-sleep ako ng bukas ang ilaw! hehehe!
Anyways, 3 more days to go and it's my birthday na! I can't even think of something special what to prepare for my family. Aba? parang mali yata. Dapat diba ako ang ma-surprise? I've been asking Rain kung ano ang surprise nya saken. Sabi nya "Wala! May surprise surprise pa!". Hmp! Nainis kaya ako. Parang he's not thinking of something on my birthday. I dont know kung serious siya dun or what. Basta sumimangot nalang ako. Tapos iniba ko na lang ang topic. We just discuss kung kelan ba daw ako mag-birthday leave? On-the-day itself or on or before? Para daw ma-schedule nya din ang leave nya! I will just ask my sister to cook baked macaroni for my officemates. Hindi kase ako marunong e.hehehe! I'm planning to treat my family over lunch. Galing pa kase ako sa work non, so I don't know kung makakatulog pa ako! We'll, happy birthday nalang to me! =p
Last tuesday, Christian Banawa of The Sentimental Groove texted me and scheduled a meeting. Grabe! I didn't even think that as early as August, gusto na nila makipag-meet. Hay! Kaya just this afternoon, I compiled all the songs in my iPod. Though dati pa nakalagay na. Medyo madami nga kaming list of songs e. But we're just worried kung pano ba ang meeting namin. If the meeting is exclusive for us lang or madaming couple kasama? When we attended their live free demo/listening kase ang daming couple. So, pano sila magkaka-pag-concentrate on one client. Rain is not into music. Kaya he just leaves it to me. May pagka-OC kase ako sa music e. Ang music lang ang ayaw saken. hehehe! So when I tried giving her the title of the songs I want medyo hindi pa rin nya ma-gets specially the liturgical songs. Kaya we'll just lit down everything first and then pagdating nalang sa meeting he wants to listen to it. Every song! Kaya sana lang kami lang ang ka-meeting nila so they can focus to their client. We'll have our meeting on thursday, August 10.
Before I forgot, Lai of Impromptu already informed us that we should be working on our church requirements. My God! I thought we're too early for that. Plan pa namin by September pa kami kukuha. Grabe! We're starting to feel the pressure already. Halos ang weekend is not enough just for our preps. I'm starting to lose my appetite. I just worried baka pumayat ako ng sobra. A lot of my officemates were commenting that parang pumapayat daw ako. Pero kumakain na nga ako payat pa din? Before I don't eat rice sa office. Pero ngayon with our new work schedule, parang lagi kang gutom. Kaya nagbabaon na kami dahil walang mabilhan ng madaling araw. hay! I want to take a 1 week leave but I'm saving it for December so I have a lot of time for my wedding. =p
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Sunday, August 06, 2006
I've been eyeing for this one. I don't know why! But when I check out the price here in Manila. It's kinda expensive. It's like 400 Php each. I want it really. Kaya lang I'm still having second thought because baka isipin na naman ni Rain na added expense na naman yan. Like when I want a back-up photographer, hala nag-away kami nun. Kaya wag nalang. But when we attended Janice's (ni Randy) wedding in Tagaytay, they have it. Galing! Sabi ko nga kay Rain, ito talaga ang gusto ko. Buti nalang at nagustuhan din nya. hehehe! Yey! =p So, my plan was to order it online and i'll use my cousin's address in the states. Mas mura kase kung dun din e. Baka malula kami sa shipping and handling! I emailed my cousin right away and discuss to me the plan. Buti nalang at pumayag siya. Mas mura nga if you'll order online. By September, uuwi ang one of my tito & tita, kaya sa kanila nalang ipapadala or pedeng pag-uwi nila ng November. They'll have their wedding on december din e 5days after our wedding. Kaya all our relatives from the states will be coming home. Saya! I'm so excited na! Christmas reunion and wedding in one!
Here are some good tips I got from this website.
In the past several years, disposable cameras have become an important part of most wedding receptions. Bride and grooms have discovered the convenience that setting a disposable camera at each table brings. Guests can now have a way of getting involved with the activity, which makes them feel that they play an important in the success of the reception and it gives them something to do during lulls in conversation or times off the dance floor.
The best part is that disposable cameras are inexpensive and, they come in a number of styles. At one time, the only disposable camera you could buy was 24 exposures, no flash, and black. Today, you have a completely new line of options. If you want something to coordinate with a formal wedding, you can choose a solid white camera or if you have a yellow or pink flower or accent, then you can choose from a disposable camera enhanced with a flower motif.
Additionally, instead of the 24 exposures that never seemed to be enough, you can find a 36-exposure disposable camera that will ensure all those special but often not seen photographs will be captured. The other advancement with this type of camera is the flash. Again, for a long time, you could enjoy the convenience of a disposable camera but you were limited to where you could take the pictures. Now with the flash option, you can take those great pictures anywhere, any time of day or night. The quality produced with disposable cameras has also improved dramatically. The pictures are crisper and focused better.
Considering that you can buy in the color or design of your choice, you can purchase a larger number of exposures, enjoy the benefits of flash, and have clean, clear pictures, why would you not want to buy. Better still, disposable cameras are affordable. Therefore, if you have 20 tables, you do not have to worry about buying 20 disposable cameras since the cost is something that will fit into any budget.
The best part of using disposable cameras at your wedding is that your guests, your family and friends will help capture moments that would otherwise be lost. While you are busy with the professional photographer, cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet, or dancing your first dance, there is a multitude of other things going on that cannot possibly be seen. By allowing your guests to participate in your wedding reception, snapping those “behind the scenes” pictures, you can enjoy the entire event and not just the things you see.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006
Busy Again!
Whew! What a week again =p I can't still imagine na halos everyday wala akong sleep. Meron pang nangyari na halos 2 hours lang ang sleep ko in a day. But it's all worth it. At least meron na kaming natatapos unti-unti.
Tuesday - We had our meeting with one of our principal sponsor. Kakatuwa. Both Rain & I were nervous. This was also the first Ninong we formally informed about it. Kaka-kaba pero masaya naman. So, from 24 ninongs and ninang, 23 to go! Wow! =p
We went to Edsa Shangri-La to meet our AE (Me-An Antonio). She's very accomodating and was able to haggle to the new price increase they have. Initially, since December daw kami, the Garden Ballroom has minimum revenue requirement of 400K++. Oh my Goodness! Na-shock kaming dalawa ni Rain. Grabe! Parang nanghina ako! Kaya sabi namin, we have only 150 guest. And we're not inviting more than 200pax. Parang pang 300pax na un ha?! hehehe! Buti nalang she was able to re-arrange it as long as we'll pay the 70% downpayment by August 15 or 18 para lock na kami sa price na 370K net. She increase the number of pax to 200. But since we're torn whether to serve cocktails or not. Siyempre added expense na naman un. Kaya lang, Me-an already told us that there's a function before us. And matatapos un ng 3:30pm. Kaya we really need to serve cocktails. Worry namin, asan kaya pupunta or tatambay ang mga guests ng ganon time 1-2 hours max. So, she was able to gave us nalang the same rate, with cocktails for 100pax. Kaya 150 pax for the dinner ( plus15 pax buffer) nlang instead of 200pax for dinner. Not bad na rin. Tapos we change the menu for 1,400++ per head. Instead 1,600++ per pax nalang and change some of the menu na din. Galing! Parang siya pa nga ang na-excite para sa amin. hehe! =p
So, this coming August 15. We'll pay the downpayment na. I'll post the inclusions very soon.
Thursday - We had dinner with another Ninang at Capisce (Metrowalk). She's one of our boss before when Rain & I were at the same company before. Bitin nga e. Kaya lang I have to come to work pa ng 12midnight. Sayang! =p
Kaya napuyat din si Rain work pa siya ng 6am. Ok lang 'coz at least pa-konte konte nalang ang imi-meet namin na ninongs and ninangs (konte ba un? 22 nalang?hehe).
Friday - I had my 2nd fitting with Veluz. Iba talaga ang feeling ko everytime I'll go to her place. I don't know why! Lalo akong na-e-excite. =p Tapos, lagi pang na-eextend because of unending kwentuhan. We'll change some details na din on my gown. Instead of a transparent sheer at my back, hindi nalang because baka mahirapan ako sa train ko. So, what she'll do is may sheer pa din but hindi na nga lang transparent para meron pa rin magho-hold sa train ko or makakapitan. Hirap i-explain e. Basta un na! hehe!
When were about to take the pictures, lowbat camera ko. haha =p Sabi tuloy ni Veluz, sumusugod daw ako sa gyera na walang bala! Kaya we just use my celphone. panget nga lang resolution! =p Rain want to make sure na nakuhanan ko. Wala kase siya nun e. We left around 1pm na. And I have to sleep agad 'coz we still have dinner later with the rest of our team before going to work. Puyatan na naman ako. Hay!

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Final Sketches
Here's the final sketches for my mom, maid of honor & my secondary sponsor (Emma). At last natapos din!

Secondary Sponsor (Veil)

Maid of Honor

for my Mom
Here's the pics taken last sunday near baywalk in front of Malate Church! =p Ayaw mag-pose noh? hehe!

while waiting for the squid balls & kikiam

tapang noh? mukhang sungit!

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