Saturday, August 26, 2006
My 3rd fitting w/ Veluz!
Just this morning I had my third fitting with Veluz. Na-excite ako. I was expecting meron ng beadworks sa bodice ng gown ko. Sa final fitting pa pala daw un. Finish palang ang train ko. =p My mom and Rain was very happy with the outcome. Medyo teary-eyed nga siya e. Sobrang ganda daw. Ang she keep on commending Veluz for a job well done. Kahit na hindi pa tapos, congratulate na nya agad yun. And Veluz was very happy about it. Pa-humble pa hehehe! =p I'm so happy, i can't explain why! Sana december na. Ayaw ko na nga ihubad ang gown ko e. hahaha! My shoes are already done. Wala lang beadworks. As well as my bag. Rain was laughing about my bag, "ano daw malalagay ko dun?haha!". I like the unique shape and it's very feminine!

Next visit would be on Sept 6. Rain's fitting for his suit. =p We'll both have our final fitting on Oct na! Mami-miss ko si Veluz. Medyo matatagal-tagal pa un!
I really love my gown! (obvious ba? e lahat halos ng pics post ko... =p). 3 more months and 3 weeks to be exact! Can't wait and Love it.

Veluz trying to adjust the length of my gown na!

she's giving me instructions where to put my veil (i will have 5 yards of tulle for my veil, mahaba pa sa train ko! WOW =p

my shoes (wala pang beadworks) but fits perfectly! Good job Niko! =p

my bag! small unique, perfect! =p

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  • At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Leah

    What an awesome train! grabe! :) i love the bag too... it's so dainty!

  • At 3:51 PM, Blogger Forever Yang

    Wow, 3rd fitting ka na!! Ang bilis ng panahon. :) I would love to see the design of ur gown up front haha puros back kasi mga pictures. Pero ang ganda at ang drama ng train mo. wahahaha. ewan ko kung may ganon ako. I love ur bag! so chic!! hehe walang pake kung ano puwedeng ilagay.. basta maganda! :)