Monday, August 29, 2005
Bridesmaids 101
What would you do without your bridesmaids? These women, your closest friends and family members, have always been there for you, and now they’re going to stand up beside you on your wedding day. Sure, they’ll do their part by looking gorgeous in their gowns (ensuring that your wedding album will look lovely!), but they’ll also help you with wedding chores such as dealing with vendors, attending dress fittings and makeup run-throughs, and organizing gift bags and favors. And of course, most importantly, they’ll do everything they can to make sure you’re a beautiful, relaxed bride on your big day.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as assuming all of your friends are dying to give up lots of time and money to devote to your dream day. Some of them may have limited budgets, mixed feelings about losing your friendship, or simply an aversion to orchid organza. And you may have to deal with some bridesmaid issues as well, everything from hurt feelings as you decide which of your closest friends will be in your wedding party to unexpectedly jealous or resentful bridesmaids. What’s an already stressed-out bride-to-be to do?

Here are some tips and suggestions to help you solve some of the most common bridesmaid dilemmas.
  • Do I have to ask my fiancé’s sister to be a bridesmaid?
The short answer is no – it’s your day, and you are absolutely free to choose the bridal party you want. Every wedding etiquette book will tell you the same answer: ultimately it’s your decision, and you are under no obligation to include that cousin you never clicked with, your fiancé’s strange little sister, or the childhood friend you haven’t seen since high school.

This even means that you don’t have to ask someone who has included you in her own wedding. Of course, hearing that it’s technically acceptable to exclude these people doesn’t make it easier to handle the inevitable disappointment and hurt feelings your decision may cause. In some cases, depending on how many bridesmaids you want to have and the relationship you have and the relationship you have with the person in question, you may want to consider include her –after all, asking your fiancé’s sister will endear you to his family forever, and it will mean a lot to her. Who knows, maybe extending the olive branch will put an end to her bratty behavior? But ultimately it’s your choice – if you aren’t comfortable including someone for any reason, you shouldn’t, and you needn’t feel the least bit guilty.

After deciding that you don’t want to include someone who’s expecting an invitation to be in your wedding party, be prepared to talk to her about it directly – you don’t want her finding out the news from mutual friend or meddling relative. Let her know ( in a diplomatic way ) why you have decided not to include her in the wedding party. Realize that this may be an awkward conversation, and that she may be hurt. Of course, she may also respect you for your honesty, and even be secretly relieved about “getting out” of the expense and time commitment associated with being a bridesmaid. If it feels right, you may want to show her that you still want to be included in the big day by asking her to be involved in another way, such as being a reader at the ceremony.
  • How do I deal with bridesmaid who doesn’t have the money to be in the wedding?

Let’s face it –being a bridesmaid can be costly. Between the dress, shoes, hair and makeup, dress alterations, bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding gift, the expenses quickly add up (and that’s assuming you’re an in-town bridesmaid, out-of-town attendants are also responsible for travel arrangements and hotels). For many women, these expenses can be prohibitively expensive.

To avoid an uncomfortable conversation with an attendant who admits she doesn’t have the cash for her gown a month before the wedding, have an honest chat about what sort of expenses will be associated with being a bridesmaid when you ask her to join the wedding party. Whether you’re planning on requiring bridesmaids to purchase high-end designer dresses or allowing them to select their own gowns in a certain color, be upfront about what you estimate the cost to be.

Some brides offer to pay for some or all of the gowns, and if that’s the case, you definitely want to make that known early on. Also, let your bridesmaids know your expectations for items such as matching shoes, bags, and professionally styled hair and makeup –not requiring your bridesmaids to pay for these extras keeps costs down, but if you’re expecting them to purchase these things, they need to know before they agree to be in your wedding.

If there’s one particular bridesmaid who simply doesn’t have the money to participate, you have a few options. You can give her some extra time to decide if she can handle the financial commitments associated with being in your wedding when you ask her – if she cannot afford to participate, you can afford to participate, you can offer her opportunity to be involved in another way, such as performing “honorary bridesmaid” task like mingling with guests at the reception or helping guests find their tables. You can also offer to cover her gown and other expenses (and promise not to share this information with the other bridesmaids) or simply scale back on the bridesmaid dresses or some of the extras.

  • What if my bridesmaids are all different shapes and sizes?

Choosing the bridesmaid dress is difficult because many times the bride already has her mind made up about what she wants. Unfortunately, the dress you love may not flatter the coloring, size or shape of all of your bridesmaids. The last thing you want to do is make your attendants feel uncomfortable, washed-out, or dumpy, but you also don’t want to abandon your wedding fantasy of burgundy bridesmaids all in a row. How do you keep everyone happy?

Luckily, you have many choices. You can pick the color, designer, and fabric you want and allow your attendants to choose the style that looks best on them. Or you could pick a universally flattering style, such as an A-line dress or empire waist gown, and allow your bridesmaids to select the shade of the color you’ve selected that best suits their coloring. You could also do the ‘everyone wears something black” route if you want to keep it really simple. Finally, you could also talk to your attendants before you decide on their dress and allow them to share which body parts they’d rather not showcase and then decide accordingly. But don’t stress about their preferences too much – most bridesmaids will just be happy that you’re considering their feelings at all. They know that ultimately it’s your day --- and it’s what you want that matters most. After all, you’re the one who’s going to be looking at the wedding photos for years to come, so you better love the dresses!

  • What can I do about slacker or bitter bridesmaids?

You may think you know your bridesmaids, but weddings can bring out some surprisingly intense and (not always pretty) emotions. Some of your bridesmaids may fret that your friendship will change when you become a married woman. Some single bridesmaids may become envious, as your impending nuptials remind them that they’re still single. Sisters and cousins may resent all of the family attention that’s being focused on you. These feelings may manifest themselves in different ways – some bridesmaids may “forget” to order their dresses despite your multiple friendly reminders, accuse you of being selfish or obsessed with the wedding, or simply avoid wedding-related chores and events.

When one of your bridesmaids begins exhibiting this sort of behavior, it’s best to address it right away. Often letting her know how important she is to you will encourage her to talk about what’s really bothering her. If a friend is worried that your friendship will suffer once you’re married, make plans now for a standing weekly or monthly date when just the two of you can hang out. If someone is unhappy about being single, give her the scoop on all the cute single groomsmen and wedding guests she’ll soon meet. You’re sensitivity to your bridesmaids’ feelings will go a long way to make them feel loved and understood. However, if someone is truly hostile or angry and talking doesn’t help, you should let this individual know that she doesn’t belong in your wedding party --- you should only be surrounded by those who are truly happy for you!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005
Sketches from Veluz!

Design B

Design C

Design A

Here are the sketches made by Veluz when we made an appointment with her last August 6. I'm torn between the two designs... However, guys please feel free to comment on the two designs..

---------- *** ----------

Details: Empire cut long gown in White Gazar with stripe beading accent on the bust area. Sheer back with draping and beading accent. Detachable 4 yard X 40” train with patterned beadwork on the center seam.
There will be patterned beadwork of cut beads, pearls, swarovskis, falt sequins and zero beads!
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Thursday, August 18, 2005
Cosmo... August issue!
Well, I just want to share an article i read from the latest issue of Cosmo....

Stealth Ways to Keep Him Interested

Really want to enthrall a new guy? These moves will make it impossible for him to get off his mind.

1. Keep your heart under wraps. Regardless of how much this guy rocks your world, avoid the impulse to gush. First, once he knows you're gaga over him, you end the thrill of the chase for him-- which is part of the reason he keeps calling. And second, in the early days, too much over-the-top praise makes him freak out that you'll be one of those clingy girlfriends.

2. Be Irresistible. Since much of your early communication with a new man will probably be via email or text message make your words count. Guys like a little spice, tease him a bit. Drop in a few saucy words, such as "I'm hot for drinks tonight" or take a playful jab, like "I spanked you in a pool last week". Either way, he'll want to return the volleg.

3. Use your body. Make him ache for you with these sly moves. Run your fingers along your exposed collarbone or slowly smooth your hand over your hips or down your torso. When you touch yourself, a guy subconsciously takes it as a cue that you want him to touch you, too... and as an indication that you're very sensual.

(Source: Therapist Terrence Real, Author of How can I get through you?)
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Sunday, August 14, 2005
All About Engagement!
Engagement; from the French se fiancer, to become engaged.

An engagement is a promise of commitment. A symbol of agreement by a couple that they plan enter into marriage at some time in the future. There is no set length of an engagement and it is usually accompanied by a formal or informal announcement to friends and family, with perhaps a celebratory party or gathering being held.

The male is called the fiancé and a female is called a fiancée though there is only a slight difference in the pronunciation. Following the agreement, the couple are said to be "engaged to be married," or simply "engaged." Though originally it was a tabloid usage – during the 1990s fiancé/fiancée was sometimes used as euphemism for a live-in lover. Or, in France, a mere boyfriend or girlfriend even where they did not live together and marriage has not been considered (largely replacing the somewhat sociological "significant other") In Spanish the usual words for "boyfriend" or "girlfriend", novio or novia, also mean "fiancé" or "fiancée."

Some describe engagement as the modern successor to the act and state of betrothal (an "exchange of vows [troth]" to be married), the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, and would be often understood as interchangeable, today. However Betrothal is a formal state of engagement. Historically it was a contract, which would be blessed or officiated by a religious authority. Betrothal is no longer common beyond some Arab cultures and is today more commonly referred to as "arranged marriages" where the parents of a bride and groom would match their children up with a suitable partner. Often at a very young age. Sometimes they would meet to see how they got along but other times their first meeting would be on the day they wed.

In contemporary Western culture, it is quite common (in fact, in some areas, far more common than not) for couples to spend a considerable period of engagement, often living together, possibly without setting a date for their marriage.

Long-distance engagements occur where a couple is engaged with the intention of eventual marriage. At which time one of them relocates to be with the other. This is a necessity for couples living in different countries as immigration laws often require local residency for citizenship and naturalization. For example an American man meets a woman from Russia and proposes marriage. In order for her to join him in the United States, she must become his fiancée: [1] and be granted a K-1 Visa before she can enter the US border. This law is sometimes abused by people trying to gain access to a country they wish to come to and there are indeed website where you can sign up to marry someone from countries such as Sweden, Russia, Thailand.

Engagement Rings
Engagements rings are to be worn on the third finger of the left hand. This tradition is thought to be from the Romans, who believed this finger to be the "vena amoris" (vein of love) The vein that leads to the heart. Romantic rings found were found in this era (from as far back as 4AD) which resembled the Claddagh Celtic symbol (two hands holding a loveheart) and so it is thought that this was used as some symbol of love and commitment between a man and a woman.

However there is a lot of speculation about the origins of the engagement ring, see the link below for more information on the history of Engagement rings. It is also theorized that the rings could have evolved from slave rings and shackles made to tie the mates of cavemen up.

But the concept of an engagement period began in 1215 at the Fourth Lateran Council, when Pope Innocent III declared a longer waiting period between betrothal and marriage. The modern Western form of the practice of giving or exchanging engagement rings began in 1477 when Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring as an engagement present.
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Friday, August 12, 2005
Our Reception

Garden Ballroom (Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Manila
1 Gate Way Avenue Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Me-Ann Antonio (Events Manager)
Tel no: 633-8888
Direct line: 636-9073
Fax: 632-7335
E-mail address:
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Thursday, August 11, 2005
Happy Birthday to me!
Yesterday, my birthday! =) What else can I say?... Of course happy! Rain & I together with my mom just went out for lunch @ Dampa in Paranaque. Sobrang busg ako! My mom always the one making tawad! Hindi kase ako marunong tumawad e..hahaha! =) She ordered 1 kilo of alimasag...cooked in coconut milk, also known as Ginatang Alimasag. 2 Kilos of sugpo, (1 kilo, cooked in buttered garlic and the other kilo as sinigang!) And 1 kilo of Grilled Panga! Of couse..a lot of rice! Grabe...kakagutom! Hay! =) Sad to say 'coz we didn't bring any camera! =(

Here's a gift from my future MIL (YSL Wallet)

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Monday, August 08, 2005
Cool Designer!
Last August 6... around 10:ooam I had an appointment with Veluz Reyes. She's so cool and parang kabarkada mo lang ang kausap mo. Sobrang perky, upbeat and chicka! Totoo nga lahat ng sinasabi ng mga fellow w@wies. She's great!

I let her see the designs i picked from the magazine i brought. And from that she made 3 sketches out of the designs i want! Ang bilis...nakaisip agad siya!

On the other hand, i just had couple of hesitation because of the price she'll quote me for the gown. Medyo pricey daw kase ang mga gawa niya. Though, when i ask her the question, sobrang gulat ok naman pala. Inisip ko nalang...kahit na mahal..minsan lang naman ako kakasal..hehehehe! She discuss to me all the accessories included in the package...kaya i'm convinced na ok naman pala!

Then, when we were about to leave, Rain popped the question..."So, How much?" .... Veluz, just smiled and laughed...i mean pareho pala kami...tumawa lang kami. And i just answered kotse nalang! *giggles* But he's so kulit...ask again if "P50,000?"...And then, Veluz answered, "di naman! OA!". hehehe!

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Last Sat, we had a great time with my officemates @ Phi Bar Metrowalk. It was an exclusive party for employees hired in the year 2000. Actually, konte lang kami...wala na nga yata 50 e. The management together with our Director had an agreement to treat us since we're pioneers of the company and he's also leaving the company as well =( This is also their way of saying thanks for the increased business we've done for the company, considering we're one of the pioneers in the call center business. We just enjoyed the night chatting, eating, drinking...drinking...drinking....and more drinking! Open bar kase e. Grabe, you could just imagine, in our table alone --- to think puro girls kami ha... we had 2 bottles of Tequila Gold and 2 bottles of Tequila Rose! O my God! As if naman manginginom kaming lahat diba? Nagtaka nga lahat ng mga lalaki sa amin...parang ayaw daw namin uminom! haha! =) Grabe, parang sinusuka ko na ang alak! Sobrang nalasing talaga in wasted! Walang nakaligtas...lahat kaming girls sa table wasted. Isa-isa kaming CR ng Cr para sumuka! Lahat nga ng guys ayaw lumapit sa table namin 'coz hard daw iniinom namin -- beer lang daw sa kanila! And the worst of all... sumuka ako sa starbucks! Yaaakkk! Pero sa Cr naman...hehehe! =) I know Rain was pissed off that time 'coz I promise him na di ako masyado inom because i'll still drive! But syempre, wala siya magawa... he fetch me and drive me home safe and sound!
And the next day, morning! Sakit ng ulo ko... sinusumpa ko na Tequila! waaaaaaaaaah! =(
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