Saturday, November 25, 2006
Da WHo!?
We had a chance to watch Happy Feet last wednesday after my shift. Very cool and funny! Read more here. With the busy work schedule and wedding preps we still manage to unwind paminsan-minsan. =p Feeling ko kase sa dami ng iisipin na gagawin, hindi ko na alam kung ano ang uunahin. Nadadala ko na nga sa office ung iba. Last monday, I brought the photocopied misalettes and my officemates volunteered to help me fold it. Ang saya! Very helpful talaga. Everyone was really excited about our wedding. Mas sila nga ang na-e-excite e. Hahaha! =p
Anyways, after the movie we bought boxes for the ties to be given to our sponsors. Hirap naman kung ibigay ko lang ng ganon ganon nalang diba? =p Sabi nga ni Rain, e gagamitin naman nila un e.. bat kailangan pang i-box, sabi ko siyempre para naman presentable diba? hehehe! =p Wala na siya nagawa!
Yesterday (thursday), after the shift we have a scheduled meeting with Me-An Antonio (of Edsa Shang) to finalize everything. The meeting went very well. However, Me-an told me that someone already knew my menu package. Hmmm... I just don't know kung sino nga un. She was told also that howcome I have only 370K quotation from them e sa kanya daw more than. I don't know kung sino siya. Medyo worried nga sila because they kept on insisting na kung pede ganon na ganon ang maging menu nila including the cocktails na din. Anyways, the scheduled payment will be on Dec 5.
After Edsa Shang, we went off to Malate to meet one of our ninongs to give our invites also. Late nga kami bec our meeting with Me-An ends around 3:45pm na. E meeting namin 3:30pm. Kaya halos 4:30 na kami nakarating from Ortigas to Malate. We just take the cab dahil coding car ko. Buti nalang I have no work that night because of the Thanksgiving. Then, after we went home muna to get our car for our next meeting with The Sentimental Groove. However, sa sobrang antok ko grabe, I decided to cancel it nalang. Baka makatulog lang ako sa meeting. Tapos I'm not yet done with the changes or the songs I need to add from the songs we agreed on. Hay! =p Nakatulog agad ako grabe! And woke up 10am this morning. At least nakabawi ako sa tulog. Ngayon naman pano kaya ako makakatulog, still have work later. =(
Tomorrow morning's itinerary, we'll go to Veluz to pick-up the swatches for Rain's vest. And then need to put tags on our invites, put ribbons on our candles, wrap the gifts for the principal sponsors and entourage! Whew... hindi naman kami busy noh? Hay! Goodluck nalang! =p
23 Days to go! Yikes! =p


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Our Invites!

Simple, Classic yet Elegant!


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Less Than A MONTH!
It's exactly 25 days to go before the most awaited day of our lives. Time really flies so fast and I can't imagine how long had been since we started our wedding preps last year. Ngayon si Rain na ang nagiging OC sa aming dalawa =p. Lagi nalang nag-papanic! We're on the process of sending out our invites right now. Both of us are having a hard time finalizing our guestlist. We have limited number of invites lang kase. We just ordered 100 pcs. And our target guests around 150pax lang. And so far, we have more than 150 guest on our list. This is our dilemma right now. Siyempre as much as we want to invite everyone especially our friends pero hindi naman pede mangyari un! =p
We'll have a meeting with Me-an Antonio of Edsa Shangri-La on thursday (thanksgiving! - no work! yey! =p) to finalize everything as well as full payment na din. Now I need to finalize my guestlist! nyak....
Anyways, last week Rain & I went to Veluz to view my gown. Siyempre hindi kasama si Rain sa loob. Ayaw din nya makita para surprise daw. Niko showed me all the wedding paraphernalias from pillows, shoes, my bag, cor, veil etc. Kahit un ayaw ni Rain makita. Natakot! =p What can I say... Wow! As in wala ako masabi. Speechless nga ako e. I don't know why I'm so speechless that day. Sobrang nagandahan lang siguro ako sa gown ko and I can't wait for it. I made the last payment na no worry na! At least nabawasan na ang mga babayarin. hehehe! =p
Niko, showed me different cuffs samples I'll be using. Ganda nya! I personally want this one. Medyo siksik. Veluz like this one as well (hindi ko na napicturan ung iba e kaya walang pagpipilian). Mas bagay daw sa akin. hehehe! I'm still making tawad with Niko... hehehe! =p My mom love it as well. Simple! Just like me... =p


Last Saturday, we went to Makati to buy ties for our groomsmen & sponsors. We're having a hard time looking for a perfect color. Veluz suggested that all secondary sponsors should wear blue ties while all groomsmen & bestman should wear aqua. E wala kami mahanap na aqua. Kaya we decided na lighter color nalang ng blue. Sana ok naman ang kalabasan nya (long sleeves - white).


Currently, I'm on the process of binding the misalette. Since we can't print out everything on our printer (takot baka mag-overheat - inkjet lang kase e), nagpa-photocopy nalang kami nung iba. Gastos grabe! I didn't even think na sa photocopy lang e gagastos ka ng hundreds of pesos! =p Of course, we'll be using the cover page which my w@wie sister did for us, Erra! Thank you so much sis! Hulog ka talaga ng langit. Pano nalang ang misalette ko kung wala ka? hehehe! *mwah*

I just add beads and pearls. inartehan ko nalang hehehe! =p (psensiya na labo!)


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Friday, November 10, 2006
A Glimpse of our Prenup @ La Mesa EcoPark

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Busy Weekend - Another Kwento!
What a week! I already feel the pressure as day pass by. I still have a lot of things to do and it seems I don't know how, where & when to start. Waaaahhhh! =( Halos everyday puyat ako sa walang katuturang bagay. I've been busy downloading mp3's, bloghopping, e-mail, watching CSI:Miami (Seasons 1 & 2), in short procastinating!
After my friday shift, our team decided to unwind through videoke. We went to Maru KTV & Restaurant along Emerald in Ortigas. It was very popular actually to some of my officemates while it was my first time. The place were not the typical KTV Bar and restaurant I went to but ok naman (mga down-to-earth mga officemates ko!). It was fun. But I have to go early because we need to attend to some wedding preps! Rain just fetch me around 1pm. Parang ayaw ko pa umuwi but sad to say kailangan e.

w/ Rien, Agnes, Denise & Pam (during breaktime)

at Maru w/ the team (wala pa ung iba e- late dumating)

We went first to Mimi's place to pick-up the cd of our prenups. Then to my ortho for adjustments. Buti nalang at magkalapit lang ang place nila sa isat-isa. But because I'm in a hurry tapos ang dami pang patient baka hindi ako matapos agad. So we decided to re-sched nalang by wed. It's already 2pm already and we go straight to Malate to pick-up naman our invites. Medyo maaga kami hehe! =p we're suppose to meet around 4pm pa (3pm dun na kami). I was excited na sana, but when I checked the invites... waaaaaaaaaahhhh! May mali! May kulang ng letters ung surname ng bible bearer. Parang ako ang nanghinayang dun sa mga na-print. =( Henry of Craftmaster were very apologetic naman, kaya he'll deliver nalang daw ng tuesday (actualy, iniintay ko siya today!). Sayang!
We went home muna to fetch my mom & my sister. Kasama na din sila sa final fitting. We're suppose to meet Liselle & Ani in Makati but due to time constraint, dun nalang kami kay Zandra mag-meet along with my other bridesmaids (Emma & Liezel). Mindy, Marj & Me-an can't make it nga lang! However, Belle was there na din but due to traffic along Espana hindi ko man lang nakita na suot nya. Buti nalang at she was able to picture herself. Very Good! =p

Belle (secondary sponsor - candle)

Emma (secondary sponsor - veil)

my 2 bridesmaids (Liezel & Liselle)

L-R: Ani, Liezel, Liselle, Emma & me (together w/ my nephew Joshua)

Liezel & Emma got their gowns already. Unfortunately, Liselle & Ani's needs adjustments pa. hehehe (lam nyo na kung baket!?). So, I'll get their gowns nalang by friday so they dont need to go to Zandra's place (layo kase place nila! Liselle - Muntinlupa & Ani - Pasay). We'll just meet them on sat beca they have class in Ateneo (Rockwell).
My mom & sister also got their gowns na rin. They're both happy naman. Medyo maluwag nga ung gown ng sister ko but no need for adjustment daw hindi naman halata! =p My mom naman medyo masikip pero wag na daw adjust kase siya na daw mag-adjust (diet daw siya for a month). =p
After the fitting, we treat them dinner at Gerry's Grill (Makati). I can't think of any restaurant na ok sa Makati kaya dun nalang bec. Liselle & Ani prefer na dun na din para hindi na rin sila mahirapan sa pag-uwi. (nakalimutan ko cam sa car kaya walang picture!)
It was a tiring night. But its worth it. At least nababwasan na ang worry namin. I got home around 1030pm na. Almost 24hrs na akong gising that day! And the next day naman we'll meet one of our ninong & ninang. They will measure Rain's shoe size. May shoe factory kase sila sa Marikina. They'll give Rain shoe that he'll use on our wedding day. Nagulat nga kami because they'll make 2 pairs for Rain. Ung isa daw pag-office nya. Wow! Kung hindi nga lang meron na akong bridal shoes gagawan din ako! hehe! Thank you so much... Rain will pick-up the shoes on thursday!
Whew! What a weekend... I'll post some of our prenup pics soon. Wala pa akong time i-download! hay! =p

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Saturday, November 04, 2006
Long kwento!
It's been a week since my last post. Bad blogger noh?! Anyways, I've been very busy since last week pa! Counting the days... whew! Ang bilis ng panahon! Parang gusto kong ibalik ang panahon and parang we still need time pa. Considering last year pa kami nag-prepare huh?! Iba pala ang feeling pag ganon. Parang gusto mong ikasal na parang wag pa muna because you think na parang ang dami mo pa rin kulang. Hay! =)
Last Saturday, Rain & I went to Wellmansons (Quiapo) to buy the remaining accesories or supplies for our souvenirs. We've been there for quite sometime. Halos na-memorize na namin ang place. Expert na noh?! Nah... hindi pa din. Now, we're done with the guest souvenirs. Just waiting for the 65 pcs pouches done by my future MIL.

Sunday - Before hearing mass Rain & I went to meet Monsignor Antero Sarmiento to ask for his license number and expiration. SSA needs that info 'coz we'll be bringing our priest (hindi kase kami parishioner e). We're still waiting for his approval on our missalette. Can't wait. Kung pede nga lang kulitin ginawa ko na e. Para matapos na! =p While hearing mass, I just realize that its 5 more sundays to go before our wedding. Rain was surprised as well because time really flies so fast kahit na sobrang tagal na namin nag-prepare, still dami pa din kulang!
After the mass we're suppose to watch a movie, kaya lang we have to wake up early the next day because I have an annual free medical check-up from Philamlife and Rain of course have to come to work. I was suppose to have the annual after my birthday. Its just a birthday treat from Philam for their VIP customers. Dapat lang noh?! I've been spending money on my pension kaya dapat lang nila ako i-treat. Hahaha! Since Rain have work, nagpasama na lang ako sa mom ko for the check-up. I don't need to eat anything at least 8 hours before the check-up. Around 8am nandun na kami sa UN Ave. (Philam Bldg.). It's really VIP 'coz you don't have to wait a long line for it. 9am yata tapos na ako. The good thing about it is I have a breakfast buffet treat at Manila Pavillion's SEASONS. The food was great! Wala akong masabi. All types of cuisine meron. May american, chinese, filipino etc. Since I'm the only entitled for the buffet treat, treat ko na mom ko...hehehe! But she decided not to go with the buffet. Hindi nya daw kaya! I think it's worth 800++ per pax e. E medyo diet na siya baka hindi magkasya gown nya. hehehe!

The pseudo Eastern and Western cuisine melting pot of Manila. This modern café-resto offers a taste of everything! Indulge on a spread of international dishes in this new restaurant of “interactive” nature. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience refined by a unique seasons inspired interiors

While having our breakfast, my insurance company texted me that my car is ready for pick-up! Yey! =p I was suppose to get pa by Tuesday. Buti nalang at ok na! So, what I dis after breakfast I went home muna then after lunch I went to Toyota Manila Bay. While checking the car, I saw na parang hindi lapat ang bumber sa headlight. So, they have to re-install it all over again kaya I waited for an hour again. My mom went to accompany me since Rain was not with me (may pasok kase e). Masyado lang siguro akong meticulous. And then, the fog lamp daw hindi napalitan since they have to order it from Japan pa. And it will take 30-45 days daw bago dumating. Kaya once dumating na, they'll inform me asap para makabit na agad. Actually, parang wala naman sira ung fog light (left side). Umiilaw pa nga e! Pero bayad na kaya wala na silang magagawa! hehehe! Actually, hindi naman talaga halata. Now naman since meron na ule akong car, parang mas gusto ko ng mag-commute. Aside from tipid, hindi pa ako mapapagod mag-drive with all the traffic. I just have 3 ride from the office (MRT, jeep from buendia and tricycle). Hirapan lang ako minsan kase mahihiluhin ako and sobrang takot sa araw. I don't know why! hehehe! Bad trip nga lang since tapos na ang DST (Daylight Saving Time) sa US, affected na rin ang pasok namin. From 12midnight to 1am. And ends from 9am to 10am na! Whew! Ang init na nun. Parang ayaw ko na mag-commute! Wag nalang! =p
Wednesday - We went to Manila Memorial Park (Pque) to visit my Dad, Lolo & Lola. Ang traffic! What else can I say? We're suppose to go there on the 31st but my supervisor won't allow me. Kaya nov 1 nalang! Sobrang init grabe! Buti nalang I was able to change my shirt that day, because my sister had sun-burn. Grabe! Buti nalang. Worried ako sa gown ko! Baka magkaroon ng tan-line (hindi from the beach). Sobrang init talaga! We stayed there for 3 hours lang dahil sa sobrang init.
We went straight to Las Pinas for our cousins and our ninong and ninang. Buti nalang at we're able to leave early that day because sobrang lakas ng ulan. May kasama pa naman kaming baby. I wasn't able to come to work that night sa sobrang puyat. Hello? Obvious ba?! We got home around 8pm. And sobrang antok na antok ako na halos nakatulog na ako agad. What a day! Sobrang stress na stress ako that day!
Side kwento: While we were discussing our wedding, my cousin ask me if I have 3 cam set up on our wedding day. He's also into production kase. Sabi namin 2 cam lang. He just said sayang naman daw. Mas maganda if we have that daw both church and reception. Sabi lang namin wala ng budget. When we check his rates, wow! Prang nalula kami sa mahal... wag nalang.. nag-iilusyon lang kami. hahaha! But before we left, he told us pag-usapan daw namin. Sana nga libre nalang! hehehe! His 2 daughters (twins) were also our flowergirls. Sobrnag excited na ang dalawa. They're asking me kung meron ba daw practice... hahaha! =p The girls look really pretty! Can't wait to see them wear their gowns!

wala lang! stolen shot from the alabang town center parking! =p

Friday - After work, I went straight to Holy Family (my parish) to pick-up the wedding banns. Grrr... Kakainis. Hindi pa raw ready! E she told me the last time by friday (nov 3) pede na makuha. Hindi pa daw napirmahan. Grabe! Sa inis ko I told her na.. "You told me Nov 3, e ipa-pass na namin yan sa SSA tom." Buti naman at very apologetic siya. I got to ask her again kung how much, wla talaga kaming lusot, tinanong ule niya na sa ... "Santuario diba?", P500. Hay! Kala ko mamamali hehehe!

Tomorrow, We have a lot of itenerary! I don't know kung matapos namin lahat!

1. Go to my dentist for adjustments. By december daw, she'll remove my braces na yey!

2. Go to Mimi's office to pick-up the cd for our prenup. Excited! =p

3. Go to SSA to pass the wedding banns (sana lang makuha namin tom ung banns from my church).

4. Go to Zandra for final fitting of my entourage. Hindi pa rin makakasama ung iba dahil sa work and different schedules! =p

5. Go to Craftmaster to pick-up our invites. Finally! =p Excited! Next week na ang distribution with the sponsors and the whole entourage! =p Later on na ang guests!


Need to do:

1. Look for a honeymoon package! Definitely Rain doesn't want to stay here in the Phils. Ayaw nya daw ng beach. Out of the country nalang daw. We're eyeing on HK Disneyland. The last we went there kase wala pang Disneyland. I'm looking for a travel agency that fits our budget. Ayaw na namin ng meron mga tour pa. We know naman how to ride MTR e. Mas maganda siguro un para just in case maligaw kami keri lang! hehehe! Exciting! =p

2. Our officemates and some of my friends were asking if we have a bridal registry. Huh?! We decided not to get that since we'll be staying at my house hindi na kami kuha ng ganon. Hindi naman new ang house namin e. But still I don't know if we'll get one or not. Tanong ko muna si Rain if he wants it. Check namin Rustans. Actually, before pa tawag na ng tawag ang Rustans for that, wla lang akong interest. But I'm thinking, siguro para alam nila ang ireregalo nila sa amin huh?!

3. Need to buy bible & candles. (1 memorial, 2 for our moms, 2 for our ss, 2 for our unity).

4. Need to wrap all the gifts for our sponsors and entourage! Hindi ko pa din nagagawa though I already have all the materials. =p

5. Review the guest list and seat plan. Medyo magulo pa. Since naguluhan kami dahil ang dami ng nadagdag na guest. waaaahhh! =( Ang hirap ng maraming friends! hahaha!

Whew! Ang dami! Magawa ko kaya ito? Bahala na si batman! =p

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