Monday, August 04, 2008
My sister's childhood friend arrived last week from Canada. I was excited about it because of the pasalubong she has for us. She bought Rain and I an iPod Shuffle as birthday gifts for both of us (Rain - April 19 & Me - Aug 9). Cheap lang daw kaya bumili na rin siya for herself. I think she bought it for only $40 each. Naiilang lang ako because it was too gaan compared to my iPod photo. So small! Rain was happy about it. Ang laki nya daw tao tapos iPod nya ang liit. hahaha! =p

Aside from that, I ask her also to buy me Victoria Secret's colognes and perfumes since she told me that it's on SALE ($25 for 10 assorted colognes and lotions). And then I sell it for P500 each 2 gives pa. Ayun, nung dinala ko sa office out of 15 pcs, 3 pcs nalang natira. Then, I ask her also to buy me a CANON SD 750 because it's too expensive dito for a point and shoot. Imagine 19,950 pesos dito and she only bought it for $199.99! So happy! Who says who don't want it right? =p Gift ko na for my birthday. So, pag-uwi nya next year, I'm sure laman ng baggage nya puro saken. Time to save!

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