Sunday, May 04, 2008
Head Lights
Last night, on my way to the office, Rain noticed that I have no headlights. He freaked out because I'm sure I'll have a hard time seeing the road. Baka pa mahuli ako. I only have the spark, signal, break, hazzard lights. Though I'm not worried naman because malinaw talaga ang mata ko. But he's very worried. He ask me to ask my officemate (Charles) to checked on baka nga meron nasira. He's positive na hindi siya pundi. Kase ba naman sabay nawalan e.

Kaya after the shift (morning), I called Toyota Makati if they have services on a saturday. Buti nalang meron. Kaya right after Rain took his breakfast, we went to Toyota right away and have it checked. Good thing, we don't have to set an appointment pa and the service advisor was very accomodating. He checked out right away the fuse and un nga, sunog na nga. We bought it right away and we were shocked that it was only 70 pesos for the 2 fuse. Hahaha! Natawa lang kami. And un na, I have my headlights again. =p

Rain did also ask for the cost of overall detailing. We want it to look brand new again after namin ma-fully pay. We only have 2 months left. Yey! After 4 years, yeeesh!

While Rain is paying the fuse, I was inside the showroom and I checked out the car displays they have there. Hmmm.. ganda ng RAV 4. Nyak. Pero so expensive. I said to my self, "Temptation!". hehe!


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