Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Yesterday we went to Tagaytay just to unwind from all the stress (work). We left Manila around 7am and hoping to arrive there at 8am for breakfast. However, due to SUPER TRAFFIC on SLEX, My Goodness! Dumating na kami ng Tagaytay around 930am. Sobrang nangawit ang legs ko with the traffic. Imagine, from Alabang all the way to Santa Rosa exit traffic pa din. After reaching Santa Rosa medyo malapit na din sa Tagaytay proper, hindi ko na matiis, I asked Rain to drive na. We had our quick breakfast at Mcdonalds sa sobrang gutom. After breakfast, we went to Tagaytay Highlands (sa labas lang ha? hehehe) to take some shots. After Highlands, we went to Good Shepherd to buy pasalubong (my favorite UBE Dimples). Then we went to Picnic Grove. We just stay there for a few minutes (less than an hour) while waiting for lunch time. We left around 11am and had our buffet lunch at Josephine's. Too bad I wasn't able to take some shots of the buffet (our food). Rain's favorite was grilled steak. As in career talaga. Sayang I wasn't able to try their desserts because of the "kabusugan". Right after lunch, I took some shots and just around 1pm we left Tagaytay. Buti nalang at wala ng traffic going home. Kakabitin! We have to be home early because of F1 (fanatic si Rain dun e).

Here are some of the shots I took. You can see more at my multiply account.

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  • At 9:50 AM, Anonymous JenR.

    hi!sis ganda naman ng pics=)question sna.Do u use any software to put ur borders and watermarks?I was thinking of doing it with my pics eh.k thanx and have a nice day=)