Friday, July 22, 2005
Him & Her

Crowning Jewel: DIAMONDS (from the Greek adamas, or "unconquerable") are the most durable gems in the world and have always been linked to everlasting love and marriage. When you wear a diamond, however, you will collect other treasures too. Diamonds are universally hailed as good-lucked talismans, and their glittering facets are said to sharpen the intellect and boost the optimistic spirit!

Lucky Number: FOUR is the number of stability, implying a firm foundation that can support you in any endeavor. Your lucky-four nature can be relied on to provide you with both the rational and practical insights necessary to get any job done. However, you must resist tendency to become too fixed. A flexible four is invincible, but a rigid four will suffer as the winds of change blow.

Alphabet Soup: April 19s often find that names and places beginning with the following letters become especially significant during the course of their lives: L, O, and S. These letters mirror your vivacious personality. Your luck, originality, and spontaneity will always lead you to unusual and very interesting places. Don't inhibit yourself! The world is waiting for you!

Week Link: The magnificanet Sun, giver of all the life and source of all energy and nourishment in our system, rules your significant day of the week. Like the Sun, you have the potential to shine in any situation. Use your personal day of power to bring positivity and healing energy to all those around you! They will certainly appreciate basking in your Sun-day brilliance!

Magical Fruit: April 19s are as full of creative ideas as the pomegranate is filled with seeds. Unlike the velvety-skinned peach or teh satin-sheened persimmon, pomegranates are often mottled, lumpy, and asymmetrical. This is not to imply that you are unattractive or misshapen, but you do sometimes prefer to camouflage your beauty and considerable talents. You get a kick out of taking people by surprise!

Color Cue: Redder than red, hotter than hot, scarlet is a passionate color. Just as scarlet is intense, so are you. Tempering your emotions probably never occurs to you, particularly when it's so much more satisfying (and fun) to go over the top! April 19s often love with more passion, eat with greater gusto, and suffer with sharper pain than anyone else.

Flower Power: April 19s eithout sunny dispositions are rare. You are a "daytime" person, often up with the Sun (or at least by noon!). Hence, the daisy ("day's eye" or "eye of the day") has special significance for you. You may not spend your time weaving daisy chains or playing "loves me, loves me not," but more than any pampered hothouse bouquet, a vase of these simple charmers says you.

Animal Affinity: EAGLE. Sharp-eyes and alert, the eagle lazily glides along one moment and then swoops like a predator the next. In similar fashion, April 19s appear relaxed on the surface, but you "inner eye" is always turned to the only prey that truly matters to you: the truth. some call you a visionary, but all respect your unique ability to penetrate life's facades and expose the truth behind the shadows.


Crowning Jewel: The graceful and elegant sardonyx, a variety of quartz, consists of reddish-brown layers alternating with white. It brings you a wealth of mythological associations, particularly as a symbol of marriage between the practical & the divine. It is also considered a potent talisman of balance and hope. Those who wear it will maintain their idealism, yet remain firmly rooted in the everyday.

Lucky Number: FIFTEEN. No one can pull the wool over the eyes of a lucky fifteen. Your great strength is the ability to see through falsehood and subterfuge. Because you combine a highly devempoed intuition with a keen nose for the truth, you are never fooled by deceitful schemers... and you're not afraid to expose them, either! This earns you the reputation as the most outspoken number of them all.

Alphabet Soup: August 9s often find that names and places beginning with the following letters become especially significant during the course of their lives: L, O, and S. These letters mirror your vivacious personality. Your luck, originality, and spontaneity will always lead you to unusual and very interesting places. Don't inhibit yourself! The world is waiting for you!

Week Link: Thursday, according to the ancients, is ruled by Jupiter, the lasrgest planet in the solar system -- just as Jupiter, in Roman mythology, was the most powerful of all the gods. These dual qualities of might and mass characterize your Thursday strengths. It is the perfect day for you to expand your personal empire, asssume a position of leadership, or rule with wisdom and passion!

Magical Fruit: Few foods in their natural state are as sensual and, ultimately, as satisfying as an avocado, and August 9s are their human counterparts. You're smooth, provocative, sexy and a little unusual. In short, you have a way about you that many try to emulate but few can master. (Even you sometimes fail to live up to your own reputation!)

Color Cue: Likened in ancient times to the color of clood, puple represented the "blood bond" of imperial families or tribes, and eventually became the prvileged color of royalty. Though you are no fan of pomp, you cannot help but recognize that your innate stylishness carries a certain regal weight. And, when August 9s wear purple, others can't help recognizing this as well.

Flower Power: Your approach to any situation is simple: Give it all you've got. Whether you're waxing the car or pursuing your dream date, you do it with the passion your flower implies. Of course, this fiery approach to life can cause a few problems now and then --- burnout for one. But most August 9s are willing to risk a few brush fires --and are even strong enough to survive the occasional inferno!

Animal Affinity: The big but mellow bear is a contented, playful animal. Yet alarm bells still ring, because the bear is also fiercely protective and nototiously fearless. Like the bera, August 9s know how to relax... but you're ever alert for disturbance, and you know how to fend off unwanted threats, actions, or even words. Remember, however: A very loud growl will usually suffice!

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Friday, July 15, 2005
Our Church

Sanctuario De San Antonio Parish
Mckinley Road, Forbes Park
843-8830 to 32
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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Independence Day, as the only holiday celebrating the United States as a whole, is a national holiday marked by patriotic displays. Many politicians make it a point on this day to appear at a public event to praise the nation's heritage, society and people. Families often mark the Fourth with a picnic or barbecue, and often gather with family relatives, taking advantage of the longer weekend or day off from work. Parades are often held the morning of the Fourth, afternoon baseball games are not uncommon, and the evening is usually marked by public displays of fireworks.
In many states, smaller fireworks are sold for personal use or as an alternative to a public show. Concerns about safety have led some states to ban fireworks or limit the sizes and types allowed, but illicit traffic brings some of the more powerful firecrackers in from less restrictive border states.
One colorful annual Independence Day event is the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City, which supposedly started on July 4, 1916 as a way to settle a dispute among four immigrants as to who was the most patriotic.
The town of Bristol, Rhode Island is noted for having the oldest, continuous Independence Day celebrations in the United States.
Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball games are also played on Independence Day. Since 1959, NASCAR has held the Pepsi Firecracker 400 on July 4th, or the Saturday of July 4th weekend.
Despite the genesis of Independence Day, it is largely uncommon for Americans to express anti-British sentiment on the day or to view it as a celebration of anti-colonialism. Indeed, most Americans today consider the United Kingdom their greatest ally. Rather, contemporary Americans generally perceive the holiday as a celebration of the U.S.A. itself, rather than specifically as an opportunity to commemorate the end of British rule in the 18th century.

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