Sunday, February 26, 2006
Happy 7th Month Old Baby Duncan
My Labidoodle's 1st ever pamangkin. Duncan Marcos! Isn't he a cutie? :P
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A Wedding Nightmare Again!
Last night, i had a bad dream again about my wedding! :-( Grabe! It was all about my bridal walk. I don't know why specifically yun. I'm focused on the sounds siguro with its solemnity and all. What happened is nung it's my time for my walk na daw, iba daw ung music na pinatugtog. What I want kse is the "all time favorite" na "THE PRAYER"! And sobrang nagpanic daw ako...'coz di pa daw tapos ung entourage, tinugtog na ung The Prayer...eeeeww! :-( Sobrang inis daw ako...and sobrang disappointed with the band we hired.
Well, i just hope that this wont happen to us! I'm keeping my fingers crossed...Medyo sensitive kase ako pagdating sa sound system and music and all! :P
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Saturday, February 25, 2006
ABC Meaning of Birthdate Month & Signs
Rainier - April 19, 1975 (Aries)

Active and dynamic
Decisive and haste but tends to regret
Attractive and affectionate to oneself
Strong mentality
Loves attention
Friendly and solves people's problems
Brave and fearless
Loving and caring
Suave and generous
Good memory
Motivate oneself and the others
Sickness usually of the head and chest
Easily get too jealous


Turn ons
Aries are naturally active and vibrant people and they have affinity for such people too . You will have to increase your pace to be in step with them. Remember they leave tortoises and snails way behind without even glancing at them once. They like and appreciate frank and straightforward persons. With them you can be your true self that is no pretenses (but don`t try your luck being over frank-they are volatile). If you are in love with Ram then you have to show your enthusiasm in all there activities (you can always yawn later!).

Turn offs
Do not tell an Aries that s/he may be wrong lest you may stir a storm in a teacup. But instead do what you feel is right and of course do not take the credit for the work done well. Aries people are very faithful and passionate lovers. Do not give air to the smoldering fire within them by making them jealous. No flirtations or fooling around with others in their presence unless of course you wish to write your death wish (y ou will be granted!).

Katrina - August 9, 1979 (Leo)

Loves to joke
Suave and caring
Brave and fearless
Firm and has leadership qualities
Knows how to console others
Too generous and egoistic
Takes high pride of oneself
Thirsty for praises
Extraordinary spirit
Easily angered
Angry when provoked
Easily jealous
Careful and cautious
Thinks quickly
Independent thoughts
Loves to lead and to be led
Loves to dream
Talented in the arts, music and defence
Sensitive but not petty
Poor resistance against illnesses
Learns to relax
Hasty and rushy
Loving and caring
Loves to make friends


Turn ons
If you have Leo partner respect him and his majestic manners. Accept the advice of Leo, the lion, as he is the king of the jungle. It is the sign of a showman so if your partner does everything in grand style enjoy it. Do lavish Leo`s frequently with compliments and see them purr like a cat. They fall easily for flattery and want to be center of attraction of all eyes (sometimes they can be quiet theatrical too).

Turn offs
Never ever hurt the ego of a Leo. Pride, ego and vanity are some of the bags all Leo`s always carry with them. Do not touch these bags. An authoritative Leo is even more difficult to handle in such circumstances. Leo is a sunny sign so they do not like people who are gloomy or depressed. Even if you are crying at heart keep a sunny smile on your lips and then let lion take the charge and remove all worries from your life.
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Thursday, February 23, 2006
Alex Franco
This morning, I got to chat with my mom about our wedding preps...Wala naman siya masyado natanong...but ewan ko kung baket bigla siya nagtanong specifically...CAKE! Well, I just told her that we'll stick to Edsa Shangri-la's 3-layered fondant cake! She just ask kung lahat ba edible?...siyempre, I told her NOT! Because all of their 3-layered cake included in the wedding package had only 1 layer as edible! :-( Well, she just said sayang naman daw! Siyempre, I totally agree with her!
However, I let her see some of my considered cake suppliers..and siyempre pinakita ko website ni Alex Franco!

And all she can say is.."Ganda! Baket hindi nyo kinuha yan?" Well, over the budget na e..considering there's another increase sa Edsa Shangri-La e. And right there and then, she said.. " Ok! Ako nalang ang magbabayad! :-) Syempre... Smile ako diba?! I just ask again... sure ka? She just said YES! Of Course! Call him na and make a reservation at baka fully-booked na yan! :-)
Well, to cut the story short, I called Alex... and spoke w/ her wife! At first, I just said na I just received an email from Alex...and then she ask to what date and reception...and she just check na nasa list na daw ako! Whew! :P Buti nalang diba? hehehe!
So, Thank you so much Mama! :-) I love you... :-) mwaaaaaaaah!
Here are the inclusions on the 5 layer all edible cake package:
- No fake cakes, all layers are edible & refrigerated
- Heavy sponge-all butter based prune cake or different flavors (prune, chocolate, apple walnut, apple cinnamon, walnut caramel, pecan caramel, and carrot)
- Chocolate mousse fillings with fresh mangoes and Australian caramel sauce on all layers
- Ceramic wedding couple
- Miniature doves in bird cage with flower arrangement
- 16 pullouts with wishes
- U.S made whipped cream on all icings
- 1 free chocolate cake
- Chocolate fudge brownies as give-aways (up to 30 pcs)
- Steel-based stands
- Choices of fresh flowers or fruits (we decided to go for fruits! yum! :P)
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Sunday, February 19, 2006
Here are the updates on our preps! :-P

CHURCH - Sanctuario De San Antonio, Forbes Park (downpayment paid)
Booked last June 2005

CHURCH FLORIST - Rey Asuncion (50% dp, the 50% is for the church to be paid upon submission of the documents)
Booked last June 2005

RECEPTION - Edsa Shangri-La, Garden Ballroom (downpayment paid)
Booked last June 2005
Already received their 2006 wedding package...sad to say...sobrang taas ng increase nila..from 10% Evat to 11% government tax! And last pa...since ours is December another increase of 12% tax! waaaaaah! Goodluck!

BRIDAL GOWN - Veluz Reyes (downpayment paid)
Booked last August 2005
Well, 4 kami December 16 brides ni Veluz (Cheche,Ai,Aimee) Grabe sa dami noh?! Hay! Scheduled Measurement taking on July 2006.

SHOES & BAG- c/o Niko Hernandez (Veluz Asst) - included in the Gown Package.

PHOTOGRAPHER - Karmina Abesamis & Karl De Leon (downpayment paid)
Booked last Sept 2005
Not yet decided for the pre-nup.. But Mimi suggested by September after ng Rainy Season...Wala pa rin location in mind... hehehe! We want din kase their ON-site AVP...

VIDEOGRAPHER - Ariel Javelosa (downpayment paid)
Booked last January 2006
Actually, we wanted Threelogy sana...but they're already booked (hi Ai) hehehe!

BAND - The Sentimental Groove (fully paid)
Booked last January 2006
Availed of their promo rates. Choose the 1st group (Generation One). Once lang kami naka-watch ng live demo nila...James and the Gang pa...But we just decided the 1st group nalang...hehehe!

HMUA - Jasmine Mendiola (fully paid)
Booked last February 2006
Availed during bridal fair last Feb 4 sa Rockwell. She gave me additional discounts since we paid her in full.

OTD COORDINATOR - still looking... But i'm considering IMPROMPTU, Out of the Box & You're INVITED! :-(

GROOM'S ATTIRE - He'll wear suit. Depende pa kung ano gusto nya...if we'll but it nalang sa Mall or tailored... With Groomsmen & Sponsors, suit na din...since it's December, ok lang naman ang suit malamig and considering aircon naman ang church and reception!

ENTOURAGE GOWNS - wala pa din...considering Elizabeth Saddi...& Edd Sy...

FLORIST/ EVENT STYLIST - I'm considering Interplay also...They already emailed their rates...but not yet decided!

CAKES - Well, I want Alex Franco sana...but my h2b just want the package included in Edsa Shangri-la from Dexter's Bakeshop...(it's 3 layered fondant cake ---though we can decide to what design we want!) para di na daw kami magdagdag...Kase I want the 5 layered all edible cake ni Alex...sabi nya...sino naman daw ang kakain nun...e ang dami na daw nun...kanino daw namin ipapa-take-out! Though he has a point na sayang nga...he's just being practical!

INVITES - still looking pa din...QP Designs, Printed Matter, Prinsonalities (lapit lang sa amin) and Amis...

MISSALETTES - DIY nalang siguro...hehe!

SOUVENIRS - wala pa rin talaga....un iba siguro DIY nalang din...

EMCEE - wala pa din...

***Whew! Medyo madami na rin pala kami na-accomplish! :-P
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Friday, February 17, 2006
Happy 34th Monthsary!
Today is our 34th Monthsary! Since both of us are working on a graveyard shift, we celebrate it over breakfast at Pancake House, Pearl Drive @ Ortigas. Baliktad body clock namin... *lol*

.....and 2 more months it's already our 3rd year Anniversary! Sooooo excited! :-P
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Thursday, February 16, 2006
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to All!
Thank you so much Labidoodle...sweeeeeeeet :-P I love you! :-*
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

February 14 is Valentine's Day. Although it is celebrated as a lovers' holiday today, with the giving of candy, flowers, or other gifts between couples in love, it originated in 5th Century Rome as a tribute to St. Valentine, a Catholic bishop.

For eight hundred years prior to the establishment of Valentine's Day, the Romans had practiced a pagan celebration in mid-February commemorating young men's rite of passage to the god Lupercus. The celebration featured a lottery in which young men would draw the names of teenage girls from a box. The girl assigned to each young man in that manner would be his sexual companion during the remaining year.

In an effort to do away with the pagan festival, Pope Gelasius ordered a slight change in the lottery. Instead of the names of young women, the box would contain the names of saints. Both men and women were allowed to draw from the box, and the game was to emulate the ways of the saint they drew during the rest of the year. Needless to say, many of the young Roman men were not too pleased with the rule changes.

Instead of the pagan god Lupercus, the Church looked for a suitable patron saint of love to take his place. They found an appropriate choice in Valentine, who, in AD 270 had been beheaded by Emperor Claudius.

Claudius had determined that married men made poor soldiers. So he banned marriage from his empire. But Valentine would secretly marry young men that came to him. When Claudius found out about Valentine, he first tried to convert him to paganism. But Valentine reversed the strategy, trying instead to convert Claudius. When he failed, he was stoned and beheaded.

During the days that Valentine was imprisoned, he fell in love with the blind daughter of his jailer. His love for her, and his great faith, managed to miraculously heal her from her blindness before his death. Before he was taken to his death, he signed a farewell message to her, "From your Valentine." The phrase has been used on his day ever since.

Although the lottery for women had been banned by the church, the mid-February holiday in commemoration of St. Valentine was still used by Roman men to seek the affection of women. It became a tradition for the men to give the ones they admired handwritten messages of affection, containing Valentine's name.

The first Valentine card grew out of this practice. The first true Valentine card was sent in 1415 by Charles, duke of Orleans, to his wife. He was imprisoned in the Tower of London at the time.

Cupid, another symbol of the holiday, became associated with it because he was the son of Venus, the Roman god of love and beauty. Cupid often appears on Valentine cards.



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Monday, February 13, 2006
A Wedding Vow
A Wedding Vow
by Jeanne A. Maulit

For all my life
I will never cease loving you
For all my life
I will never tire of cherishing you
For all my life
I will never stop living each day with you

For my life was made from one of your ribs
And to you I shall return
After living all these years alone
I fin'lly found the man
To whom I belong

Yes... all my life has been a mess
looking for that man- 'twas you
Now heaven heard my cry
And gave me hope, made me complete
Because you found me and I found you

For all my life, yes I will
Love you and love you still
Until that day when the ocean
Doesn't touch the sand,
Until that time when the
Sun stops rising from east to the west,
Until that time when there's no more
Stars to count at night...

I shall love you
For all my life....
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Monday, February 06, 2006
Jasmine Mendiola

Last February 4, Saturday, we attended the Bridal fair @ Rockwell. After looking and looking for suplliers that we still need. Then came Jasmine, who 1st greeted us "Hi Kaye! I'm's my blah..blah..blah!"

Actually, she's one of my choices for HMUA (Hair & Make-up Artist) because of good feedbacks from w@wies and other suppliers she worked with, finally we booked it right there and then! :-) ... and paid her in full! :-)
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Saturday, February 04, 2006
Through the years!

Our pictures through the years! (Walang magawa *lol*) hehehe!
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
How are You In Love?

How You Are In Love
You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time.
You give and take equally in relationships.
You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.
You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.
You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.

How Are You In Love?

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