Thursday, February 23, 2006
Alex Franco
This morning, I got to chat with my mom about our wedding preps...Wala naman siya masyado natanong...but ewan ko kung baket bigla siya nagtanong specifically...CAKE! Well, I just told her that we'll stick to Edsa Shangri-la's 3-layered fondant cake! She just ask kung lahat ba edible?...siyempre, I told her NOT! Because all of their 3-layered cake included in the wedding package had only 1 layer as edible! :-( Well, she just said sayang naman daw! Siyempre, I totally agree with her!
However, I let her see some of my considered cake suppliers..and siyempre pinakita ko website ni Alex Franco!

And all she can say is.."Ganda! Baket hindi nyo kinuha yan?" Well, over the budget na e..considering there's another increase sa Edsa Shangri-La e. And right there and then, she said.. " Ok! Ako nalang ang magbabayad! :-) Syempre... Smile ako diba?! I just ask again... sure ka? She just said YES! Of Course! Call him na and make a reservation at baka fully-booked na yan! :-)
Well, to cut the story short, I called Alex... and spoke w/ her wife! At first, I just said na I just received an email from Alex...and then she ask to what date and reception...and she just check na nasa list na daw ako! Whew! :P Buti nalang diba? hehehe!
So, Thank you so much Mama! :-) I love you... :-) mwaaaaaaaah!
Here are the inclusions on the 5 layer all edible cake package:
- No fake cakes, all layers are edible & refrigerated
- Heavy sponge-all butter based prune cake or different flavors (prune, chocolate, apple walnut, apple cinnamon, walnut caramel, pecan caramel, and carrot)
- Chocolate mousse fillings with fresh mangoes and Australian caramel sauce on all layers
- Ceramic wedding couple
- Miniature doves in bird cage with flower arrangement
- 16 pullouts with wishes
- U.S made whipped cream on all icings
- 1 free chocolate cake
- Chocolate fudge brownies as give-aways (up to 30 pcs)
- Steel-based stands
- Choices of fresh flowers or fruits (we decided to go for fruits! yum! :P)
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