Monday, February 13, 2006
A Wedding Vow
A Wedding Vow
by Jeanne A. Maulit

For all my life
I will never cease loving you
For all my life
I will never tire of cherishing you
For all my life
I will never stop living each day with you

For my life was made from one of your ribs
And to you I shall return
After living all these years alone
I fin'lly found the man
To whom I belong

Yes... all my life has been a mess
looking for that man- 'twas you
Now heaven heard my cry
And gave me hope, made me complete
Because you found me and I found you

For all my life, yes I will
Love you and love you still
Until that day when the ocean
Doesn't touch the sand,
Until that time when the
Sun stops rising from east to the west,
Until that time when there's no more
Stars to count at night...

I shall love you
For all my life....
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  • At 9:26 AM, Anonymous jeanne

    hi Katrina and Ranier...

    jeanne here... glad to see that another couple is inspired by this vow i made... best wishes to you both. and i pray you'll have your dream wedding come true. :)

    btw - i'm a wedding coordinator myself (freelancer) and if you need help, just leave a message -