Sunday, April 30, 2006
South Park Us!
Here's our version of Southpark. Cool and cutie. I know you'll enjoy doing it... :D Try for yourself here.

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Something inspirational
Train of Life

Some folks ride the train of life looking out the rear, watching miles of life roll by, and marking every year.
They sit in sad remembrance, of wasted days gone by, and curse their life for what it was, and hang their head and cry.
But I don't concern myself with that, I took a different vent, I look forward to what life holds, and not what has been spent.
So strap me to the engine, as securely as I can be, I want to be out on the front, to see what I can see. I want to feel the winds of change, blowing in my face, I want to see what life holds, as I move from place to place.
I want to see what's coming up, not looking at the past, life's too short for yesterdays, it moves along too fast. So if the ride gets bumpy, while you are looking back, go up front, and you may find, your life has jumped the track. It's all right to remember, that's part of history, but up front's where it's happening, there's so much mystery. The enjoyment of living, is not where we have been, it's looking ever forward, to another year and ten. It's searching all the byways, never should you refrain, for if you want to live your life, You gotta drive the train!
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Saturday, April 29, 2006
My first DIY Souvenirs
This morning, Rain and I went to Quiapo together with our friend (also a w@wie) who's getting married this June look for the materials I want for our souvenirs (1 decade rosaries) as well as for her accessories. Nag-commute lang kami hehe! =p Grabe! It was my first time again after a long time to ride the LRT. Gulat ako, aircon na pala siya... Last time na sumakay ako ng LRT was back in college pa - year 2000 at hindi pa aircon! So far, ganda ng improvement at iba na pala ang rules sa pagsakay, hiwalay na ang men and women! This was implemented daw to avoid harrassment! Well, that's a great idea! I agree, mahirap na kse lalo na kapag punuan at halos magsiksikan na ang mga tao! Whew! Grabe...can't imagine the sweat and and odor! ngak! Going back, ayun sobrang madali lang pala humanap ng materials. There's a lot of materials to choose from. Kakahilo! parang gusto mong bilihin lahat! We went first at NBI Bldg. Ang dami ng swarovski! Some are 1st class crystals, some are not. Pero ok naman ang mga quality! You can make tawad if you'll buy in bulk! The next stop is at Wellmanson! Dito ako nalula at ang dami ng tao na bumibili. Sobrang dami as joke! Most of them are buying only materials and they sell it afterwards. Sila nalang mismo ang gumagawa ng accessories from crystals, locks, beads, nylon tread, etc. Lahat ng paggawa sa kakikayan nandun. Name it! Parang nakaka-engganyo nga bumili for yourself. I just don't have time nga lang! Hindi din kase ako mahilig sa accessories nyahaha! =) All the materials I needed for my rosary was there! O diba? And of course, affordable din! I'm so happy 'coz I wasn't expecting na ganon lang ang price ng lahat ng materials I need for the rosaries. And good for 100 pcs na ung binili ko! Wow! Great savings na din. We allocate kase halos 3,000 Php for the rosaries alone! And we only spent 1,000 plus. Galing noh?Halos atat na nga ako umuwi para simulan na e. Hahaha =P It's very tiring, (ngayon lang kse ule me nag-commute!), but it's all worth it!

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Friday, April 28, 2006
Just got home from work. And have nothing much to do aside from checking emails. I have a surprise to Labidoodle. Sana lang wag magalit hehehe! I'm posting his baby pictures!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Honeymoon Hunt!
Wedding Update:
Last two weeks ago, I have been searching for our Honeymoon. We wanted in a peaceful, quiet place where we could spend our time together. Our first choice is Bohol. Rain & I haven't been there. (as if naman nakarating na kami sa Visayas! haha =P). I myself is not a traveler because I have motion problem. Sobrang mahihiluhin at sukahin! I don't want to ride bus and boats. Sa airplane lang yata ako nag-eenjoy. hehe! =) Second choice is Palawan and last Boracay! We haven't been to these places kaya we want it something memorable ung tipong di pa talaga namin napupuntahan. So that if we got the chance to visit the place again, we could say it has something we could treasure the most!
I check out PALAKBAYAN of Philippine Airlines about the package and rates they have. At first, I'm hesistant to book for our honeymoon this early kase parang maaga pa and we still have a lot of time for that. However, with the help of my fellow december w@wies (Sherryll, Cheche, Van) parang na-pressure akong mag-book and inquire about it. However, when I check out PAL's Palakbayan Package, I guess booking early is not that bad because as early as not they already have package up to March of 2007. Sobrang aga! And the website was very helpful because you can also see their hotel rates and packages in a specific date. Kaya you can already have an idea what suits your budget!
However, we'll schedule our honeymoon early next year (Jan 3-7, 2007). Because my 1st cousin from US will get married as well a week after our wedding (Dec 22) here in the Phils. So it's a very busy day also. And all our 1st cousins (from father side) will be arriving as well to attend our wedding. Parang reunion na rin namin diba?! hehehe =). The sad part is December - February is considered as peak season. If you'll get to compare the rates... waaaaaahhh goodluck!
Here are some of the places we considered:
a. Alona Palm Beach Resort & Restaurant (Panglao Island, Bohol) - I love the place. When I check out their website, whew! I said to myself, this is it! =D The price is quite expensive though!

b. Panglao Island Nature Resort (Panglao Island, Bohol) - I love also the place especially the villas... ganda ng nature!

c. Asturias Hotel (Puerto Princesa, Palawan) - Love their ammenities. Mukhang excellent ang service...

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Sunday, April 23, 2006
Boring Weekend
Last Saturday, we watched the movie, Ice Age 2 (The Meltdown). Well, it was not that funny as the 1st one. However, with Ellie as an added character, it was a hit! In providing the voice of a playful, full-figured gal with luscious eyelashes and curvaceous tusks who, long story short, happens to think she's a possum, the voice of Queen Lattifa gracefully transfers her distinctive charms to one of the new principal characters who join the herd for this jaunty sequel. And her outgoing feminine touch sharpens the game of the boys around her. Ellie's arrival on the Pleistocene scene, along with her two rambunctious real-possum ''brothers'' Crash (Seann William Scott) and Eddie (Josh Peck), who I really love and have fun with, coincides with an emergency migration under way for the gloomy, self-aware woolly mammoth Manny (Ray Romano), the snobby saber-toothed tiger Diego (Denis Leary), and the sloth with self-esteem problems, Sid (John Leguizamo). As usual, who will never forget Scrat, an acorn-addict (a saber-toothed squirrel), who does make himself stupid and does acrobatic antics, kung-fu moves just to get the said nut! hahaha =) We both love the movie. And I recommend everyone to watch it!
Read some of critics review here.
After the movie, we just had our snack at Cococabana at Rockwell, Makati and went home afterwards. It was not an extravaggant 2nd part of celebration of Rain's birthday, but we're happy 'coz we both together celebrating it! :D
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Saturday, April 22, 2006
I fear 24 out of 66 things!

Just want to check all my fear... hmmm...medyo madami din pala!

[x] the dark
[ ] staying single
[ ] getting married
[ ] being a parent
[x] giving birth
[ ] being myself in front of others
[ ] open spaces
[x] closed spaces
[x] heights
[ ] cats
[ ] dogs
[ ] birds
[x] spiders and/or other insects
[ ] driving or being in cars
[ ] flying
[ ] being put to sleep (anesthesia)
[ ] flowers or other plants
[ ] being touched
[x] fire
[ ] water
[ ] the ocean
[ ] pools
[x] failure
[ ] success
[ ] germs
[x] thunder/lightning - when it's dark
[x] frogs/toads
[x]mice/rats - eeewww!!
[x] jumping from high places
[ ] snow
[ ] rain
[ ] wind
[ ] cemeteries
[x ] clowns
[ ] large crowds
[ ] demons or evil - I believe in our Almighty Father
[ ] crossing bridges
[ ] death - I'd fear living forever
[ ] Hell
[ ] Heaven
[x] being robbed
[x] being sexually assaulted
[ ] men
[ ] women
[ ] having great responsibility
[ ] doctors, including dentists
[x] hurricanes
[ ] being punished
[x] diseases, including cancer and STD's - if it's yerfate
[x] snakes
[x] sharks
[ ] dinosaurs
[ ] Friday the 13th
[ ] poverty
[x] ghosts - major!
[ ] Halloween
[ ] school
[ ] trains or railroads
[x] fear - amongst everything else
[ ] being alone
[ ] losing my friends
[x] being blind to things
[x] being deaf
[ ] growing up
[x] being murdered in my sleep
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Happy Birthday Labidoodle!
Last April 19 was Rain's Birthday! I really feel guilty kase wala man lang akong special na nagawa sa kanya! =( Because of the busy work and different schedules... wala talaga akong nagawa! Ni card wala. As in! We stayed at our house and just ordered lunch-merienda from Shakey's! hahaha...yup! Shakey's nga! Kagigising ko lang ng around 3pm and he's already there! Parang instead of me surprising him... parang ako pa ang na-surprised. I really feel guilty! However, I'm still thinking of going out on a dinner-date on Saturday para I could do something special to him. E medyo may pagka-sentimental kase din un e. But he said, it's ok! Basta magkasama lang tayo sa birthday ko, happy na ako! Hay! And nabigyan ko naman na daw siya nung advance gift ko na gamepad, ok na daw un! =( Kaka-guilty tuloy. I don't know why I really feel bad... Maybe because of the guilt of not giving enough time and effort on his special day!
Well, I just hope I can came up of something sa date namin later! Hay! Bad ba ako? =(
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Our 3rd Anniversary Pic
Here's the only souvenir picture we got from our 3rd year Anniversary last April 16. We left the digicam in the car kaya wala man lang pictures taken from our date! hehehe =p Kaya sa house nalang! =)

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Happy 3rd Anniversary to us!
Nothing much special, we just celebrate our 3rd year Anniversary last Sunday! We went to Makati after lunch just to stroll and window shop! We both agreed not to give gifts to each other since we have to save for our wedding! Tama bang magkuripot? hahaha! We want sana candle light dinner, but Rain wants just a fancy restaurant na hindi pa namin nakakainan together! And as usual, sa Makati lang naman kami lagi so we decided na Makati na nga lang to save also on gas! (Another kuripot idea! hehe). We had our dinner at The Red Crab in Greenbelt 3, Makati! It was Rain's first time to eat there... sobrang busog siya! Though he's not much of a crab lover (ang high-blood siyempre =p) still he enjoyed a lot! Hindi na nga nakabalik sa buffet dahil linantakan ang mga sipit hehehe! =) We even request for a plate of sipit. And the waitress gave us a bunch! As in ang dami! Parang nasuka na kami sa dami... and buti nalang pumayag na ibalik. We just take half of the plate. Parang wala ng bukas at last dinner na namin un! hahaha =p Sabi ko pa naman mag-diet na me 'coz for the past week na nasa house lang ako... I gained 3 lbs. waaaaah! Some of my officemates even notice it! Kaya promise to myself, have to lessen the food I take. Sanay kase ako ng crash diet! hehehe! Usually, I only take 1 meal per day (before going to work!) OA ba? Pero that's normal for me. Hindi naman ako nahihilo sa office pag di na ako eat! But sometimes crackers, sandwiches and just water!
After dinner, we watched Eight Below! Hmmm... I'm a dog lover! The movie was great and medyo naiyak ako...hehehe! I'm kinda mababaw kase e.
Well, the story is based on a Japanese Antarctic film and inspired by a real-life story of sled dogs who survived extended subzero abandonment, Eight Below teeters at times too coyly on the frozen territory of anthropomorphism — the handsome, personable dogs who find a way to survive until the humans return aren't just impressive animals.
There are eight of them, you see — below (as in the bottom of the world), as well as working under subzero conditions — and the canine octet spend their days harnessed to sleds, transporting scientists around otherwise unnavigable territory. Their nights, meanwhile, are drowsed away at a base station watching survival guide Jerry (Paul Walker) flirt chastely with bush pilot Katie (former Laker Girl Moon Bloodgood) and pal around manfully with goofball cartographer Cooper (Jason Biggs). The arrival of an ambitious geologist (always pleasurable Bruce Greenwood) who won't let bad weather slow down his research puts the canine team through their paces: Naturally, the brash human ignores warnings against venturing beyond safe terrain, and naturally, the doggies save him from what might have been a deadly accident, tempering his vanity with their four-legged goodness. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)
We celebrate it as simple as it is. But we're happy spending our time together. And the next time we'll celebrate our anniversary... we're already married by then! =)
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Monday, April 17, 2006
Happy Easter!

Easter is the fundamental and most important festival of the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox. Every other religious festival on their calendars, including Christmas, is secondary in importance to the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is reflected in the cultures of countries that are traditionally Orthodox Christian majority. Easter-connected social customs are native and rich. Christmas customs, on the other hand, are usually foreign imports, either from Germany or the USA. Eastern Rite Catholics in communion with the Pope of Rome have similar emphasis in their calendars, and many of their liturgical customs are very similar.
This is not to say that Christmas and other elements of the Christian liturgical calendar are ignored. Instead, these events are all seen as necessary but preliminary to the full climax of the Resurrection, in which all that has come before reaches fulfilment and fruition. Pascha (Easter) is the primary act that fulfils the purpose of Christ's ministry on earth—to defeat death by dying and to purify and exalt humanity by voluntarily assuming and overcoming human frailty. This is succinctly summarized by the Paschal Troparion, sung repeatedly during Pascha until the Apodosis of Pascha (which is the day before Ascension):
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Sunday, April 16, 2006
Comfort Zone
I received an email from my highschool friend Me-an. She knows that I'm kinda hesitant of leaving my comfort zone, MY WORK! Long story... I'll post sometime! promise! =P


About 10 years ago, I started a job as a trainer for a Telemarketing agency. In one of my first classes the head trainer told a very motivating story that I would like to share with you.
He began by drawing a diagram of a stick man standing in the middle of a circle. To make it more interesting, he drew things like a house, a car, and a few friends inside the circle.
He asked the question "Can anyone tell me what this is?" In a long silence, one guy decided to throw out -- "the world?" The trainer said "That's close, this is your Comfort Zone. Inside your circle you have all the things that are important to you. Your home, your family, your friends, and your job. People feel that inside this circle they are safe from any danger or conflict.
"Can anyone tell me what happens when you step out of this circle?" A strong silence came over the room. The same eager guy abruptly announced "You are afraid". Another guy said "You make mistakes". The silence continued and the trainer smiled and said "When you make mistakes what can the result be?" The first guy shouts "You learn something."
"Exactly, you are learning." The trainer turned to the board and drew an arrow pointing from the stick man directly to the outside of the circle. He proceeded to say "When you leave your Comfort Zone you put yourself out there, in front of the world to be in a situation that you are not comfortable with. The end result is that you have learned something that you did not already know, you expand your knowledge to become a better person." He turned again to the board and drew a bigger circle around the original circle, and added a few new things like more friends, a bigger house etc.
"The moral of the story is that if you stay inside your Comfort Zone you will never be able to expand your horizons and learn. When you step out of your Comfort Zone you will eventually make your circle bigger, to challenge your mind and grow to be stronger, and all in all a better person."
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Saturday, April 15, 2006
Training Week w/ MX Energy
We had our training for a week (April 10 to 14) for another campaign MX Energy at our new company - Winsource Solutions @ Robinsons Cybergate along Edsa cor Pioneer, Mandaluyong! Ganda ng facilities. However, bago pa lang kase kaya medyo amoy bago hahaha! Ang kukulit noh? =)

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Friday, April 14, 2006
Our Unity Coins
My friend Jasper gave me 13 dollar coins to serve as our unity coins. Since he won't be able to attend our wedding... considering he's also one of my secondary sponsors =( However, he's getting married also soon to our highschool friend Carol...Congratulations in advance to you both! Hope we could attend your church wedding on September in Seattle =p. Thanks a lot my very dear friend!

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Thursday, April 13, 2006
What is Lent?

The highlight of the year for Christians is Easter, the day when our Lord rose from the dead. Lent is a forty-day season of preparation for Easter. Lent always begins on a Wednesday, called Ash Wednesday.

Why 40 days? Because, Jesus fasted and was tempted in the wilderness for 40 days. Lent, then, is our time of fasting, prayer, temptation and repentance. Lent is not required anywhere in scriptures, but it has been a custom, which Christians have practiced for most of the last two thousand years.
In many languages, the word "Lent" actually means "fast." This is where the custom of giving up something for Lent originated.
However, just to confuse things, Lent is actually 46 days rather than 40 days. Why? Because the 40 days of Lent are supposed to be days of fasting, which means days of discipline and self-restraint. But Sunday, the Lord's Day, should never be a day of fasting, but a day of celebration! So each Sunday we suspend our Lenten disciplines and celebrate. Lent is 40 "fasting" days spread out over a total of 46 days beginning on Ash Wednesday.
The focus of Lent was always threefold:
a. It was a time to prepare new converts for baptism through intensive classes and instruction.
b. It was a time for long-standing Christians to review their lives and renew their commitment to Jesus Christ.
c. It was a time for backsliders to be restored to the faith.
In every case, it is a time for serious, disciplined self-examination, a time spent in intensive prayer and repentance before the cross of Calvary.
To represent the dark and serious business of Lent, one custom has been to strip the sanctuary of all flowers, candles, and colors during Lent. This custom helps us to turn inward and examine ourselves, even as it reminds us of the dark and colorless Sabbath day when Jesus lay dead in the tomb.
Put simply, Lent is a time to examine ourselves carefully. Here are some questions upon which you might pray and meditate during Lent:
>>Am I sharing gladly what I have with others, especially the stranger and the poor?
>>Do I have a gracious and patient attitude with others, especially those who irritate me?
>>Do I feel the power of connection to God and the church in corporate worship?
>>How is my devotional and prayer life progressing? Am I listening to God more and complaining less? Is it time for a change or a growth in my Bible study and prayer life?
>>What are the lurking sin problems, which still plague me?
>>Am I as thoughtful and forgiving of family as others, or do I take my frustrations out on them?
>>Do I speak up for the maligned and oppressed, or do I remain silent in order to remain popular?
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Monday, April 10, 2006
What's Your True Color?
After blog hoppin', found this very interesting...

Take this test at Tickle

Your true color is Black!

Your color is black. The color of night. Serene and mysterious, black conjures up images of elegant evening gowns, dashing tuxedos, and gleaming limousines. Traditionally a symbol of success, black also represents power and an uncompromising demand for perfection. Not surprisingly, you tend to set challenging goals for yourself and do whatever it takes to achieve them — your strength of character is second to none. This unfaltering determination, along with your natural elegance, impresses people. But keep in mind that your personality might be intimidating to some. Try to temper your demanding side with a little softness — trust us, it won't kill you. Overall, though, black is the color of professionalism and achievement, which means it's clearly the color for you.

What's Your True Color?
Brought to you by Tickle
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Saturday, April 08, 2006
Check up!
Yesterday, I went to Makati Med for my follow up check up on my burns. Because that morning, I can't move my feet, couldn't walk and it already has blisters. waaaahhh =( So, I called my mom right away telling her that "Hindi ko na kaya talaga!". She just said, let's look for a Surgeon, since burn yan, alam nila kung anong gagawin. So went to a surgeon recommended by my Mom's Ob-Gyn. Naka-wheel chair na nga ako paikot ikot ng Makati Med sa sobrang di ko kaya maglakad.He said, it's already 2nd degree burn because it has blisters already! Ouch! =( Parang naiyak ako nun. But he said not to worry as long as hindi ko tutusukin ang blisters, walang peklat. He also promised me that my color will returned in 2 months. (Sana lang talaga!) Since, maputi naman daw ako, madali lang mabalik ang color! (Sana nga lang!)...And in order also to avoid it and be protected from infections, he cleaned it with sterilized water, betadine and of course Flammazine! Then, he wrapped it with gauze. Halos patong-patong sa dami. I also got 2 injections (Tetanus). Both arms kaya parang hirap ako itaas kamay ko! Injured na masyado, may paa na, braso pa! Ang saket sobra! I'm just not comfortable with needles. Takot ako =(! He advised me not to come to work for this week. And by monday, follow-up check-up, that's the only time he can decide whether i should come to work or not! Grabe, ang dami ko ng absent! I just hope maging ok na talaga! And of course, I wouldn't be strong without my Labidoodle who's there for me as always! Na-tiyempo pa na naka-leave siya this week! Galing! So, yaya na driver pa! I know he's tired na din..with all the puyat! Kaya, Thank you so much my Labidoodle! I love you so much!
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Friday, April 07, 2006
Red Dot Game
Just click on the Red Dot! Let's check how OC are you! It's fun! =)

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What is Anagram? According to Anagram Genius, Anagram is a rearrangement of the letters of one word or phrase to form another word or phrase. So, I'm curious with what word or phrases that would form from our names.

Katrina Bicalan Rosal
Tank coal as librarian
A rational brain lacks
An OK as a brilliant car
Black as a rational rain
Rainier Pasion Marcos
I am a prior in raciness
Air in rare compassion
I'm a corona as inspirer
Aspirins or on America

Cool huh? So, now you can try it! It's fun! Check it here if the word/s or phrase/s such as your names is an anagram! =)
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We had our breakfast with my highschool buddies yesterday morning! Hirap gumising sobra (di pa rin ako pumapasok! =p) My legs are swelling...sakit and kumikirot! And Rain was there to drive me... (driver?hehehe!)

This would be the last time I'll be seeing Jasper and Caroline as single. They will get married in Wa, USA. I'm sure I'll miss them! However, their church wedding is scheduled September of this year! Hope we could attend (fingers-crossed). As long as Jasper can shoulder half of the fare...hahaha! (Joke!). Sad to say, because he won't be able to attend to our wedding this December, because Caroline (his fiance) cannot travel outside the country for her citizenship! Considering he's also one of my secondary sponsors! Now I need to look for another one for replacement! Goodluck!
Here are some of the pics taken from Pancake House @ Rockwell, Makati
Me-ann, Labidoodle and myself
Jasper & Carol, Me-ann & w/ Labidoodle
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
FX Robbery
I received an email from a friend. And I was struck by this since I'm working also in a call center . Want to share it anyways...

Call center worker killed in FX robbery
By Non Alquitran
The Philippine Star

A 27-year-old call center employee was shot dead last Sunday even as she pleaded with three armed suspects not to take her cell phone during a robbery inside an FX taxi in Pasig City.
Charlene Santos, of Vista Verde Subdivision in Cainta, Rizal, sustained a gunshot wound in the nape.
She was declared dead on arrival at the Pasig City General Hospital.
Senior Superintendent Romeo Abaring, Pasig City officer-in-charge (OIC), said witnesses have identified one of Santos’ attackers after going through police file photos.
"We are now closing in on him," Abaring said.
Santos was on board a gray Mitsubishi Adventure (TWR 939) taxi traveling westbound on Ortigas Avenue in Barangay Rosario when the three men, armed with caliber .45 pistols, announced a heist at about 6:45 p.m. last Sunday.
The victim was on her way to work at the InfoXX call center on Ayala Avenue Makati City.
Police said Santos was seated at the back of the driver with one of the robbers sitting beside her.
Another robber was seated in front while a third companion was seated in the rear.
Witnesses said Charlene initially resisted and told robbers they could take all her belongings, except her cell phone because it contained contact numbers and important information.
He said one of the suspects ordered his companion gunman to shoot Charlene. "Ganyan na ba kamura ang buhay ng tao ngayon?" the victim’s father, Loreto Sr., 51, asked.
The phone was worth P25,000.
Loreto said he wants justice for her daughter. " Sana hindi mapabilang sa unsolved crimes statistics ang kanyang kaso."
After shooting Charlene, the suspects grabbed her phone and fled on foot toward the floodway, Abaring said.
The taxi driver rushed the victim to the hospital, but she was declared dead on arrival by attending physician Dr. Mirah Compuesto.
First investment
Charlene was the eldest of three children of Loreto and Elma, 50, both teachers of the Mariano Marcos State University in Batac, Ilocos Norte.
Loreto said he and his wife often visited their children in Cainta. They were together last Thursday and Friday.
"Hindi ako makapaniwala na wala na siya," the father said, in between sobs.
The mother said the cell phone was valued by Charlene because it was the fruit of her hard labor.
"She was proud about owning the cell phone because it was her first investment," Elma said.
The father said Charlene got the cell phone on installment basis. "Malapit na niyang matapos hulugan ang cell phone at nais niya itong ibigay sa nanay niya," he said,
Loreto said his daughter also promised to buy one for his younger brother, Loreto Antonio 11, who will be entering high school after summer.
When Charlene went home to City recently, Loreto told her that if she is ever held up, she should hand over her cell phone.
"Talagang may sentimental value lang ang cell phone sa kanya kaya’t nagbakasakali siyang maawa ang mga suspects," he said.
Loreto said their housemaid recalled that while washing clothes last Saturday, Charlene joked that her jacket was colored brown, but that the water in the wash basin was red.
Last Sunday morning, Charlene also asked the housemaid to apply on her fingernails the nail polish sent to her as gift by relatives from abroad to "make her look beautiful."
The victim was always in a cheerful mood when leaving for work, but not on that particular day.
"Nakayuko siya at sabay sabing, sige aalis na ako," Loreto told The STAR.
The father said from their house, Charlene would usually take a passenger jeepney that would bring her to the Cainta junction, where she would board an FX taxi bound for Ayala Avenue.
"Umuwi kami sa Laoag noong Sabado lang at ilang oras lang ay nakatanggap na kami ng tawag na wala na siya," said Loreto. " Sana masaya siya kung saan man siya naroroon ngayon."
The father said they would wait for the arrival of their relatives from abroad before scheduling the internment of Charlene in Laoag City.
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Our Heart Stats
Got this from Sherwin's Blog!

Rainier Marcos and Katrina Rosal
  • Likely to adopt a handful of e-kids.
  • Elect to almost elope when the time is right.
  • Are the cutest couple that there ever will be.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy
hmmm... elope? hehe! Ok din sa sobrang mahal magpakasal! hahaha =)
Rainier Pasion Marcos and Katrina Bicalan Rosal
  • Likely to conceive two gruesome girls.
  • Love to hold hands.
  • Let their fans read more in the book of the same name.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

no reaction =P

Rainier and Katrina
  • Plan to adopt a handful of stylish children.
  • Like to watch television when permitted.
  • Together forever whatever the weather.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

This is what I like most! Together forever whatever the weather... it rhymes huh? =p

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Accident Prone!
I really had a bad day yesterday, Sunday! This was our 1st Sunday again without a maid. Umalis maid namin dahil sa katarayan at pagka-strict ko. Hay naku... ayoko na ma-remember! Sumagot-sagot ba naman sa akin at pagalit pa! grrr =( Anyways, going back.. I cooked Nilagang Baka for lunch, sa baba kase kami nagluluto. Then, when I' supposed to bring the nilaga upstairs and placing it first sa steps ng stairs, and when i opened the screen door, sumabit ung door sa cover ng pinaglagyan ko ng Nilaga kaya hayun tumapon lahat sa legs and feet ko! Lahat ng sabaw at sobra ang init. Sobrang naiyak talaga ako sa sket. I was screeming and crying to death. My mom and my sister we're very worried. She put toothpaste all over my legs and it was so painful and i didn't stop screaming and shouting. Buong bahay yata naman puro sigaw ko. Halos marining na siguro un sa kapit-bahay! I couldn't walk dahil sa sobrang hapdi. I went to my room asap with the help of my sister and turn on the aircon and electric fan. Tinapat ko agad legs ko sa aircon at electric fan to ease the pain. Sobrang hapdi talaga and i didn't stop crying! I was terrified of my legs baka magkaroon ng blister or something. Considering malapit na kasal... And nakakatawa nga kase worry ko pa ung niluto ko... Sayang! E favorite ko pa naman lutuin un! Hay =( My mom was telling me, not to worry about the Nilaga... ok lang un! Natawa tuloy sila kase masakit na nga daw ung nangyari sa akin, nilaga pa rin daw ang nasa isip ko! hahaha! =) Then, my sister call up Rainier to buy ointment for my burn. I couldn't speak with him 'coz I was screaming out loud. Sobrang sakit kase. After 3 hours pa yata nawala ang saket at hapdi but I couldn't move. Pag ginalaw kase sumasakit! waaaaaaahhhh =( He's just there and take good care of me as so what I need. Hindi kase talaga ako makakilos. Para akong paralize. And last night, di ako nakatulog ng maayos 'coz careful ako sa paggalaw ng paa ko.. Sobrang hirap. Pre-occupied ang mind ko as to what position and dapat para di sumakit! And just this morning, thank God at medyo na-mo-move ko na paa ko! And I can also walk going through the CR. I was able to wash it also just with water kse baka kung ano magyari at magkaron ng blister at nagputok-putok! But sad to say, I think I had 1st degree burn. Mamula-mula kase ... When I saw the marks sobrang naiyak talaga ako. I'm worried kase baka di na siya mawala. I have to go to my dermatologist to consult as to what medications I should take! But as of the moment I'm using Flammazine.
So now, I'm not going to work... I can't drive and medyo sumasakit pag naglalakad e! I just hope matanggal ung marks! =(
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Monday, April 03, 2006
Ukay-ukay & Basic Instinct 2
Last Saturday morning, we had our quarterly bazaar in Dasmarinas Village, Makati! It's Ukay-ukay-Dasma version =). One of my Mom's bestfriend is a resident of the said village and she's also sharing it with her since we have a lot of old stuffs. Grabe, exhausting masyado ang day na yun. Actually, nasa car ka palang... binababa mo palang ang gamit sobrang pinapakialaman na! OA talaga! Most of the buyer there are maids, manongs, manangs of the said village! Kaya sobrang cheap ang benta. Kulang na nga lang ibigay na lang sa kanila ng libre e hehehe! =) Lahat un old clothes from stuff toys, shirts, dressed, pants and pocket books. It ranges from 5 Php to 70 Php! O diba ang cheap? Sobrang crowded lang talaga! Nevertheless, my mom was able to earn 4,000 Php out of old our old stuffs. O diba? Worth it ang pagod! If you're the type of person who really fond of buying ukay-ukay. I'm sure you'll love it!
After the Ukay-ukay, we went to Glorietta 4 to watch a movie. Sobrang init kase e... We went there just to unwind, eat halo-halo! =) Yummy! Going back to the movie, at first hesitant ako to watch it since I have not idea what the movie is all about. I haven't seen the 1st part also.
After re-locating from San Francisco to London, best-selling crime novelist Catherine Trammell once again finds herself on the wrong side of the law. Dr. Michael Glass, a respected London criminal psychiatrist, is brought in by Scotland Yard detective Roy Washburn to perform a psychiatrist profile and evaluation of Tramell following the mysterious death of a top sports star. Physically drawn to Tramell and mentally intrigued by her, Glass, against the advice of his mentor, Dr. Milena Gardosh, is quickly sucked into her web of lies and seduction. The professional boundaries between Glass and Tramell are obliterated when she uncovers his basic instincts. A deadly battle of wits ensues, climaxing as Glass faces a choice that will change both their lives forever.
Critic's Review:
Sharon Stone is back as an ice-pick-wielding crime novelist in this half lurid, half boring sequel that's about a decade too late to capitalize on whatever heat was generated back in the 1992 original. And the same rules apply: Don't get her wet, and don't feed her after midnight. Oops, wrong sequel. But still, her same rules still apply. Don't make eye contact is the first one, because then she'll think you want to have sex with her, and she won't stop talking about it until you give in. As far as the plot goes, there are more murders and more suspicions and more hapless fools drawn into her web of double-talk and mind control. But this time around, Stone portrays Catherine Tramell more like a desperate old floozy than a take-no-prisoners man-eater, and there's no doubt she's the evil one--which takes almost all the fun out of it. Well, not counting the unintentional laughs.
Source: E! Online
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Sunday, April 02, 2006
April Fool's Day!

Unlike most of the other nonfoolish holidays, the history of April Fool's Day, sometimes called All Fool's Day, is not totally clear. There really wasn't a "first April Fool's Day" that can be pinpointed on the calendar. Some believe it sort of evolved simultaneously in several cultures at the same time, from celebrations involving the first day of spring.

The closest point in time that can be identified as the beginning of this tradition was in 1582, in France. Prior to that year, the new year was celebrated for eight days, beginning on March 25. The celebration culminated on April 1. With the reform of the calendar under Charles IX, the Gregorian Calendar was introduced, and New Year's Day was moved to January 1.

However, communications being what they were in the days when news traveled by foot, many people did not receive the news for several years. Others, the more obstinate crowd, refused to accept the new calendar and continued to celebrate the new year on April 1. These backward folk were labeled as "fools" by the general populace. They were subject to some ridicule, and were often sent on "fools errands" or were made the butt of other practical jokes.

This harassment evolved, over time, into a tradition of prank-playing on the first day of April. The tradition eventually spread to England and Scotland in the eighteenth century. It was later introduced to the American colonies of both the English and French. April Fool's Day thus developed into an international fun fest, so to speak, with different nationalities specializing in their own brand of humor at the expense of their friends and families.
Pranks performed on April Fool's Day range from the simple, (such as saying, "Your shoe's untied!), to the elaborate. Setting a roommate's alarm clock back an hour is a common gag. Whatever the prank, the trickster usually ends it by yelling to his victim, "April Fool!"

Practical jokes are a common practice on April Fool's Day. Sometimes, elaborate practical jokes are played on friends or relatives that last the entire day. The news media even gets involved. For instance, a British short film once shown on April Fool's Day was a fairly detailed documentary about "spaghetti farmers" and how they harvest their crop from the spaghetti trees.

April Fool's Day is a "for-fun-only" observance. Nobody is expected to buy gifts or to take their "significant other" out to eat in a fancy restaurant. Nobody gets off work or school. It's simply a fun little holiday, but a holiday on which one must remain forever vigilant, for he may be the next April Fool!
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