Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Happy 3rd Anniversary to us!
Nothing much special, we just celebrate our 3rd year Anniversary last Sunday! We went to Makati after lunch just to stroll and window shop! We both agreed not to give gifts to each other since we have to save for our wedding! Tama bang magkuripot? hahaha! We want sana candle light dinner, but Rain wants just a fancy restaurant na hindi pa namin nakakainan together! And as usual, sa Makati lang naman kami lagi so we decided na Makati na nga lang to save also on gas! (Another kuripot idea! hehe). We had our dinner at The Red Crab in Greenbelt 3, Makati! It was Rain's first time to eat there... sobrang busog siya! Though he's not much of a crab lover (ang high-blood siyempre =p) still he enjoyed a lot! Hindi na nga nakabalik sa buffet dahil linantakan ang mga sipit hehehe! =) We even request for a plate of sipit. And the waitress gave us a bunch! As in ang dami! Parang nasuka na kami sa dami... and buti nalang pumayag na ibalik. We just take half of the plate. Parang wala ng bukas at last dinner na namin un! hahaha =p Sabi ko pa naman mag-diet na me 'coz for the past week na nasa house lang ako... I gained 3 lbs. waaaaah! Some of my officemates even notice it! Kaya promise to myself, have to lessen the food I take. Sanay kase ako ng crash diet! hehehe! Usually, I only take 1 meal per day (before going to work!) OA ba? Pero that's normal for me. Hindi naman ako nahihilo sa office pag di na ako eat! But sometimes crackers, sandwiches and just water!
After dinner, we watched Eight Below! Hmmm... I'm a dog lover! The movie was great and medyo naiyak ako...hehehe! I'm kinda mababaw kase e.
Well, the story is based on a Japanese Antarctic film and inspired by a real-life story of sled dogs who survived extended subzero abandonment, Eight Below teeters at times too coyly on the frozen territory of anthropomorphism — the handsome, personable dogs who find a way to survive until the humans return aren't just impressive animals.
There are eight of them, you see — below (as in the bottom of the world), as well as working under subzero conditions — and the canine octet spend their days harnessed to sleds, transporting scientists around otherwise unnavigable territory. Their nights, meanwhile, are drowsed away at a base station watching survival guide Jerry (Paul Walker) flirt chastely with bush pilot Katie (former Laker Girl Moon Bloodgood) and pal around manfully with goofball cartographer Cooper (Jason Biggs). The arrival of an ambitious geologist (always pleasurable Bruce Greenwood) who won't let bad weather slow down his research puts the canine team through their paces: Naturally, the brash human ignores warnings against venturing beyond safe terrain, and naturally, the doggies save him from what might have been a deadly accident, tempering his vanity with their four-legged goodness. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)
We celebrate it as simple as it is. But we're happy spending our time together. And the next time we'll celebrate our anniversary... we're already married by then! =)
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  • At 1:53 PM, Anonymous ai

    hi kaye! happy anniversary to you and rainier :) yes, i agree! kahit simple lang ang celeb basta magkasama :D inggit ako, sana kami rin ni bin before our wedding hehe

  • At 7:01 AM, Blogger gracita

    hey belated happy anniv!

    good choice on the resto. i looooove eating at red crab. my friends and i used to go there and we'd stay from 630-9pm, up until the last refill of the crabs! haha! and we'd go home with aching necks.

    miss ko tuloy pinas...

  • At 10:15 AM, Blogger Rainier & Katrina

    Thanks Gracita & Ai for all your comments! Rain & I both enjoyed the night kahit na simple lang ang celebration! :D

  • At 2:37 PM, Blogger sherwin

    though it's late already, happy anniversary na rin po...