Saturday, April 08, 2006
Check up!
Yesterday, I went to Makati Med for my follow up check up on my burns. Because that morning, I can't move my feet, couldn't walk and it already has blisters. waaaahhh =( So, I called my mom right away telling her that "Hindi ko na kaya talaga!". She just said, let's look for a Surgeon, since burn yan, alam nila kung anong gagawin. So went to a surgeon recommended by my Mom's Ob-Gyn. Naka-wheel chair na nga ako paikot ikot ng Makati Med sa sobrang di ko kaya maglakad.He said, it's already 2nd degree burn because it has blisters already! Ouch! =( Parang naiyak ako nun. But he said not to worry as long as hindi ko tutusukin ang blisters, walang peklat. He also promised me that my color will returned in 2 months. (Sana lang talaga!) Since, maputi naman daw ako, madali lang mabalik ang color! (Sana nga lang!)...And in order also to avoid it and be protected from infections, he cleaned it with sterilized water, betadine and of course Flammazine! Then, he wrapped it with gauze. Halos patong-patong sa dami. I also got 2 injections (Tetanus). Both arms kaya parang hirap ako itaas kamay ko! Injured na masyado, may paa na, braso pa! Ang saket sobra! I'm just not comfortable with needles. Takot ako =(! He advised me not to come to work for this week. And by monday, follow-up check-up, that's the only time he can decide whether i should come to work or not! Grabe, ang dami ko ng absent! I just hope maging ok na talaga! And of course, I wouldn't be strong without my Labidoodle who's there for me as always! Na-tiyempo pa na naka-leave siya this week! Galing! So, yaya na driver pa! I know he's tired na din..with all the puyat! Kaya, Thank you so much my Labidoodle! I love you so much!
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  • At 4:01 PM, Blogger DYUN(config-if)#

    ouch.. hapdi nyan ah... anyway best wiches na lang sainyo and update mo na lang yung blog ko here's my new home

  • At 11:10 AM, Blogger Rainier & Katrina

    Thanks jhun! Oo kaya ang saket sobra! :D Thanks for droppin by! :D