Monday, April 03, 2006
Ukay-ukay & Basic Instinct 2
Last Saturday morning, we had our quarterly bazaar in Dasmarinas Village, Makati! It's Ukay-ukay-Dasma version =). One of my Mom's bestfriend is a resident of the said village and she's also sharing it with her since we have a lot of old stuffs. Grabe, exhausting masyado ang day na yun. Actually, nasa car ka palang... binababa mo palang ang gamit sobrang pinapakialaman na! OA talaga! Most of the buyer there are maids, manongs, manangs of the said village! Kaya sobrang cheap ang benta. Kulang na nga lang ibigay na lang sa kanila ng libre e hehehe! =) Lahat un old clothes from stuff toys, shirts, dressed, pants and pocket books. It ranges from 5 Php to 70 Php! O diba ang cheap? Sobrang crowded lang talaga! Nevertheless, my mom was able to earn 4,000 Php out of old our old stuffs. O diba? Worth it ang pagod! If you're the type of person who really fond of buying ukay-ukay. I'm sure you'll love it!
After the Ukay-ukay, we went to Glorietta 4 to watch a movie. Sobrang init kase e... We went there just to unwind, eat halo-halo! =) Yummy! Going back to the movie, at first hesitant ako to watch it since I have not idea what the movie is all about. I haven't seen the 1st part also.
After re-locating from San Francisco to London, best-selling crime novelist Catherine Trammell once again finds herself on the wrong side of the law. Dr. Michael Glass, a respected London criminal psychiatrist, is brought in by Scotland Yard detective Roy Washburn to perform a psychiatrist profile and evaluation of Tramell following the mysterious death of a top sports star. Physically drawn to Tramell and mentally intrigued by her, Glass, against the advice of his mentor, Dr. Milena Gardosh, is quickly sucked into her web of lies and seduction. The professional boundaries between Glass and Tramell are obliterated when she uncovers his basic instincts. A deadly battle of wits ensues, climaxing as Glass faces a choice that will change both their lives forever.
Critic's Review:
Sharon Stone is back as an ice-pick-wielding crime novelist in this half lurid, half boring sequel that's about a decade too late to capitalize on whatever heat was generated back in the 1992 original. And the same rules apply: Don't get her wet, and don't feed her after midnight. Oops, wrong sequel. But still, her same rules still apply. Don't make eye contact is the first one, because then she'll think you want to have sex with her, and she won't stop talking about it until you give in. As far as the plot goes, there are more murders and more suspicions and more hapless fools drawn into her web of double-talk and mind control. But this time around, Stone portrays Catherine Tramell more like a desperate old floozy than a take-no-prisoners man-eater, and there's no doubt she's the evil one--which takes almost all the fun out of it. Well, not counting the unintentional laughs.
Source: E! Online
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