Wednesday, March 22, 2006
She's The Man!
Last Sat, Rain & I watched "She's The Man" @ Glorietta 4. Sobrang aliw and both of us laugh out loud! At first, he's hesitant to watch it 'coz mukhang teeny-bopper movie.. He likes serious, action movies kase e! Actually, he wants sana "V for Vendetta". Sa akin ok lang naman... but he thinks na I won't be able to enjoy it kase action. And even before, he's like that. He likes me to decide in everything... so sweet! =)
Side kwento:
Actually, I'm supposed to come to work that sat night for OT (it's not mandatory though). E medyo tinatamad talaga ako as in! Paggising ko palang parang hinahatak nako na wag pumasok...hahaha =p But when I got in the car... feeling tamad pa rin ako! Rain just fetch me that night for work. He has no work on sat night kase e. And on our way to work, passing through Ayala Ave.. I decided na... Ayoko pumasok! Rain just laughed and said... "san tayo punta? Uwi ka na? Hatid na kita?" I just said..let's watched movie nalang... and matagal naman na tayong di nagde-date or watch ng movie. And Last thursday, kahit na monthsary namin we aren't able to go out because of different schedules! =( It was really a great night 'coz after watching the movie, we went to Pier One @ Buendia and have late dinner! Nag-crave kase ako sa baked oysters! Yummy! =P
Well, going back to She's the Man, I may say that the movie was hilarious. Amanda Bynes does exellent work to act as a girl pretending to be a guy. There are many times when she almost gets caught. But luck came her way when she gets away from them. Overall the girls are hot, girls think the guy's are hot, this is not a chick flick .WATCH IT!
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