Monday, March 13, 2006
Finally, we have an OTD coordinator. Actually, I'm having a hard time choosing a coordinator. Siyempre BUDGET! At first, Rain don't seem to agree with me getting one. Added expense daw yun. But siyempre, todo explain at lambing ako why we need it. I explain to him since we want our dream wedding to be simple and perfect...But nobaody's Perfect! Kaya nga daw maaga kami nagprepare for us not to cram or experience problems. Meron naman daw pwedeng mag-assist on the day, like his brothers and other relatives. But I still insist on explaining that sayang naman if we'll assign them, magiging busy sila and at the same time, they won't witness the event itself, because they're busy doing stuff for us. Then, I continue to explain to him the pros & cons of getting an OTD Coordinator. I just said, OTD naman eh, hindi full-coordination, since we've booked a lot of suppliers already... I'm worried about the day itself, assisting the guests,coordinating w/ suppliers, flow of the program etc. And na-emphasize ko naman na its already included in the budget. So in short napapayag ko na siya! Yey! :D
So, last friday night, before going to work (graveyard shift kse kami!), we met Gladys & Lai of Impromptu @ Shangrila Mall in Ortigas! Sayang wala si Jhing (nasa HK) hehehe!
We just discuss what we want to happen to our wedding day. We want it to be organized, beautiful, simple but elegant & yet not boring. Though we haven't discuss more of the nitty gritty details...but soon! :D
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