Monday, March 06, 2006
Ento Florist

Yesterday, we went to NBC Tent to attend the bridal fair. So far, compared to last year, a lot of exhibitors participated. Kaya you have a lot of suppliers to choose from. Nakakahilo sa dami! *lol* Then after looking and looking, We went to Lala's booth, Interplay! At first, kala ko medyo old na siya...but i was wrong. She's young! :-P I just introduce myself to her that I'm the one who emailed her who wants her bridal bouquet all blue tulips! Hahaha :D We just laughed out...coz she really insisted that there's no such thing as Blue Tulips! Or else, they'll have to do is to sray it. But the downside is, that wouldn't look natural! So, we sat and talk about it and since i have a lot of members of the entourage, she have to rearrange the package she'll give to me. :-) She'll use all imported flowers such as Hollad Tulips, Ecuadorian Roses, Calla Lilies, Hyacinths etc. She also emphasize that she's not going to use mums! (I don't like mums kase e). Since, we book during the bridal fair, of course it has discount (buti nalang!). She'll just email the kind of flowers she'll be using...medyo hilo kase ako nun and di ko na matandaan. I'll post it as soon as Lala send it!
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