Sunday, February 26, 2006
A Wedding Nightmare Again!
Last night, i had a bad dream again about my wedding! :-( Grabe! It was all about my bridal walk. I don't know why specifically yun. I'm focused on the sounds siguro with its solemnity and all. What happened is nung it's my time for my walk na daw, iba daw ung music na pinatugtog. What I want kse is the "all time favorite" na "THE PRAYER"! And sobrang nagpanic daw ako...'coz di pa daw tapos ung entourage, tinugtog na ung The Prayer...eeeeww! :-( Sobrang inis daw ako...and sobrang disappointed with the band we hired.
Well, i just hope that this wont happen to us! I'm keeping my fingers crossed...Medyo sensitive kase ako pagdating sa sound system and music and all! :P
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