Friday, March 24, 2006
Yesterday, I've been texting Lai of Impromptu-- my coordinator regarding Emcee.. who can they recommend! She recommended the following:

1. Mallory Ferrer-Cosio
2. Melissa Ferrer
3. Cholo Malilin

I've texted everyone and ok naman very quick ang response ng lahat. However, they have different fee as well as to the package they're offering!
For Mallory Ferrer-Cosio - I know I've already watched her host on my college bestfriend who's also a w@wie (Trina ni Ken) @ Coconut Palace. Well, ok naman siya. The crowd was jolly, despite the rain. Inulan kase ung reception e... they have to re-arrange the tables and chairs, actually everything inside Coconut Palace, kaya medyo masikip! But it's was a blast! Going back to Mallory, she's fluent in english, no dull moment, perky, really knows the flow of the script and most especially hindi nagbabackle! hehehe =) Medyo meticulous ako sa ganon e since I was working in a call center...irritable sa ganong manirism. Good thing hindi naman siya ganon! =) For me, it's ok! However, nag-increase na siya ng rate. From 3,500 Php to 4,500 Php. Pero ok pa rin saken! =)
For Melissa Ferrer - I don't know anything about her. But from fellow w@wies feedbacks ok naman siya. She texted a bit late, late ng 1 day... but she's sorry naman! Mukhang sa text palang parang perky din siya... mukhang madaldal! =P Parang its a good sign though! Her rate is quite lower than Mallory, and pasok sa budget! Its 3,000 Php! Hmm...
Lastly, for Cholo Malilin - I have no idea at all! He's just being recommended by Lai. Medyo expensive ung rate niya its 5,000 Php. His rate includes one song and program flow or something yata un. Sabi ko kung pedeng walang song since I already hired a band. Hindi daw...kase included na daw un! =( Well, erase na siya sa list ko! =)
Whew! Ang hirap pala. I pencil-booked Mallory and Melissa first, then we'll schedule a meeting with them together with my coordinator to finalize everything. Mahirap naman kase hindi agad mag-decide. Para naman ma-open pa nila ung date for other event. E sobrang konte kse ng mga ikakasal sa December 16 e! hahaha =)
I just hope I can decide as soon as possible. Goodluck! =)
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  • At 2:12 PM, Blogger gracita

    hi kaye! thanks for visiting my blog!

    as for melissa, i loved her!! she's very lively and she was able to carry the reception pretty well. our reception, as per our guests, was short, lively, powerful and fun-filled. it was melissa who suggested the flow of the program. i only got to talk to her a week before the wedding but she was able to deliver.

    i don't know if mas ok si mallory (i think sister ni melissa??)or cholo but i can vouch for melissa :)

    goodluck girl!! :)

  • At 12:27 AM, Blogger Rommel & Melissa San Gabriel

    hi kaye thanks for visiting my blog. supplier's ratings to follow :). we got mallory. sis sya ni melissa pero mas matanda and mas experienced daw si mallory. she's very fluent in english. she's really nice. very well organized. she was more than an emcee, she helped carry my train for picture taking and removed it at the restroom before our grand entrance. she was lively too.

  • At 6:32 AM, Blogger Rainier & Katrina

    Thanks Gracita and Melissa for your feedbacks! Sana nga makapag-decide ako agad agad! Thanks again! :)