Monday, March 27, 2006
Saturday morning, we went to Greenhills to check on Goldenhills. I emailed them last week on the designs we want for our wedding rings. I got quick response from them. And they want me to vist their shop in Greenhills in order for us to discuss more on the designs we want. Ellen, who's one of officer-in-charge is very accomodating and friendly. She showed us some of their catalogs and finished products. At first, Rain was so excited that he picked one agad agad! =) Kakatawa nga e... But siyempre parang nalula din siya sa dami ng designs kaya un naguluhan din siya. He picked more than 5 designs. Some are within the budget and some are not! That's why we want them to make some adjustments to come up within the designs we want and within our budget of course! Grabe, ang hirap pala mamili! =) We picked 5 designs and they still have to email us the quotation of each rings. Rain doesn't want stones on his ring kse e. He's uncomfortable! Kaya we re-design some of it. Can't wait for their quotations! We're keeping our fingers crossed and hope it is also within our budget! =)
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