Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Honeymoon Hunt!
Wedding Update:
Last two weeks ago, I have been searching for our Honeymoon. We wanted in a peaceful, quiet place where we could spend our time together. Our first choice is Bohol. Rain & I haven't been there. (as if naman nakarating na kami sa Visayas! haha =P). I myself is not a traveler because I have motion problem. Sobrang mahihiluhin at sukahin! I don't want to ride bus and boats. Sa airplane lang yata ako nag-eenjoy. hehe! =) Second choice is Palawan and last Boracay! We haven't been to these places kaya we want it something memorable ung tipong di pa talaga namin napupuntahan. So that if we got the chance to visit the place again, we could say it has something we could treasure the most!
I check out PALAKBAYAN of Philippine Airlines about the package and rates they have. At first, I'm hesistant to book for our honeymoon this early kase parang maaga pa and we still have a lot of time for that. However, with the help of my fellow december w@wies (Sherryll, Cheche, Van) parang na-pressure akong mag-book and inquire about it. However, when I check out PAL's Palakbayan Package, I guess booking early is not that bad because as early as not they already have package up to March of 2007. Sobrang aga! And the website was very helpful because you can also see their hotel rates and packages in a specific date. Kaya you can already have an idea what suits your budget!
However, we'll schedule our honeymoon early next year (Jan 3-7, 2007). Because my 1st cousin from US will get married as well a week after our wedding (Dec 22) here in the Phils. So it's a very busy day also. And all our 1st cousins (from father side) will be arriving as well to attend our wedding. Parang reunion na rin namin diba?! hehehe =). The sad part is December - February is considered as peak season. If you'll get to compare the rates... waaaaaahhh goodluck!
Here are some of the places we considered:
a. Alona Palm Beach Resort & Restaurant (Panglao Island, Bohol) - I love the place. When I check out their website, whew! I said to myself, this is it! =D The price is quite expensive though!

b. Panglao Island Nature Resort (Panglao Island, Bohol) - I love also the place especially the villas... ganda ng nature!

c. Asturias Hotel (Puerto Princesa, Palawan) - Love their ammenities. Mukhang excellent ang service...

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  • At 6:14 PM, Anonymous ai

    hi kaye!
    wow honeymoon hunt na!:D

    bin and i went to bohol via palakbayan package [fuss-free arrangement] last sept. we stayed in bohol beach club, so-so amenities but breathtaking beach front :D and we had a blast! dami pa historical places dun. :)

    but for water activities nothing beats palawan :D el nido naman kami nun, 3yrs ago na pero until now, di ko pa rin makalimutan. sarap pa ng seafood!

    happy honeymoon preps ;)

  • At 2:00 AM, Blogger QT

    hi kaye. been to alona palm beach resort - day trip nga lang and that was many moons ago! pero promise, ganda sya and worth every penny!

    na-pressure ba kayo?! oc lang tayo kamo! =p

  • At 2:11 AM, Blogger Rainier & Katrina

    Hi Ai!

    Thanks for the feedbacks ha! Grabe hirap mamili! :D kelan sked nyo honeymoon? after the wedding ba agad?

    Hi Cheche!

    Grabe... na-pressure kaya ako! Lalo na nung post mo na booked na honeymoon nyo. Nyay! :D Nagiging OC na nga yata din me e! hahaha! Thanks for the feedback ha.. i really needed that! mwah

  • At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    just cam back from bohol last feb. we stayed at Ananyana. beautiful beautiful place. really made for couples. it's peaceful, quiet and romantic. the service is excellent! check out their website. :) it's truly a paradise on it's own :)