Sunday, April 13, 2008
Basic Gadgets
During our [photo] training, our instructor, Jun Miranda did gave us some advise in getting the basic gadgets that we should have in our camera. My gosh. Ang dami ha? Sabi nga nya. Nde naman daw masyado magastos tong hobby na to. (being sarcastic) hehehe!

He first suggested to us to buy a blower, brush for cleaning purposes. We should clean our camera every after use. Mahirap na daw ang mapasukan ang dirt. He also suggested us to buy a container where we can keep store our camera against fungus. Dami noh?

I'm also planning to buy a camera bag where I can put also my tripod. Nahirapan kase ako the last time we had our photoshoot. Parang tanga lang ako hawak ko lang ang tripod ko. Tapos iwan ko lang sa tabi everytime I shoot. Jologs! hahaha! Gastos nga... =p
Lens? Naku... I'm still thinking of what type of lens I should get. though he gave us a list of lens we should have na nde ung palit ng palit kami. Something like All-in-one. Budget? Bahala na si batman. I have to save!save!save!

blower and brush to clean the lens

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