Sunday, April 13, 2008
Photography 101
It's been a tiring week for me. As in ngayon ko lang na-experience ang sobrang puyat and walang tulog. A minimum of 30minutes-2hours lang ang sleep ko per day. Whew! I only did file a 1 day leave kaya I was so sleepy pagdating sa work. I did take more than 1 cup of coffee para panlaban sa antok.

It was a great training for me. As in basic talaga. Now I know the difference bet aperture, shutter, underexposed, overexposed etc. Our group (batch) plan to have an e-group.

Our first day (wed), we just stayed in a classroom. All lectures. The classroom is very clean and conducive for learning. There's coffee, tea, water, snack bar inside the room. The lunch is also FREE. And its not just like a typical packed lunch because they have a canteen inside the building and cooks great food. Mind you sarap ng luto with desert pa. As if we're eating in a restaurant nga. Our lunch were buttered tanige, ribs, vegies, beef steak, chicken, shrimps etc. With dessert pa un ha? =p Hindi lang ako sanay kase mag-lunch kase I usually take my breakfast as my dinner na. But I did enjoy the lunch. Siguro panlaban ko na din sa puyat.

Second day, we had our photoshoot early in the morning (7am) at Greenbelt. Sobrang aga. Good thing, nag-leave ako a day before so I can attend the session. We learned about the proper lighting (sunlight). Kakapagod! We stayed there from 7-1oam. Then after we went back to PCCI to criticize our shots. Kakahiya at first. We had lunch then muna. And around 4pm, we went to Baywalk for the sunset. Love this activity. I was able to tried "panning" as well. We also witness bride and groom having their pictorials in front of Malate Church. Para kaming mga "paparazzi" na sumugod sa kanila. hehehe! =p I only took 2 shots. Most of our shot we're like snapshots sabi ng instructor namin (Jun Miranda) because we didn't even think of the aperture, shutter speed etc in taking the shots. Siyempre we're all excited to take shots of them. hahaha! Understandable naman daw un. hehehe! The session ended around 630pm and I was able to go home around 7pm na. Waah! I only got 1 hour sleep that night. =(

Third day, we just criticize our shots from Baywalk and some lectures as well. It was tiring for me because galing pa rin ako sa work that night. Good thing last day na! We had our group studio pictorial (scan ko muna ha? ~ I'll post it soon).

I'm planning to take a Photshop CS3 workshop or Lightroom next time. Ayusin ko muna sked ko. Hirap nung ginawa ko na walang tulog at sobrang puyat. Buti nalang since we're already included in their alumni, we have discount na. Yey! I was all worth it. Now, I just need to apply what I've learned. =p

Here are some of the shots I took during our training. Click HERE for the entire album.

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