Sunday, August 03, 2008
For 2nd Anniversary
Rain and I have been thinking whether to travel or not this coming december for our 2nd wedding anniversary. Last thursday, he emailed me about the Cebu Pacific's domestic and international flights. I've already called them and inquired a few destination such as Macau, Singapore, Bangkok and Malaysia. They are all cheap I may say. But both of us can't decide what country. Though there are a lot of things to consider like pocket money and available leaves we have. Rain wants Macau and HK while I want Singapore. For Macau, the available dates were only until Dec 17. And the sad part is Dec 17 is fully booked. So we have to choose another date. Darn! We opted Dec 14-17 sana, but all the flights are booked and parang ang daming reason na naman na hindi kami maka-travel. I haven't told Rain that I've been thinking if we could just celebrate it nalang here muna. We still have to save a lot. Good thing, we're done with our car loan. It was a relief! =p Better yet, I'll just save up nalang to find a better gift for him. Whatchutink? =p

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  • At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Maeyo

    Why not consider island hopping in Pinas na lang where both of you haven't been to before.

    This way, you could save some and satisfy that thirst for travel.

    Just a thought. :)

  • At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Affordable Disney Vacation Packages

    Nice pictures. I can almost feel the water on me.

    The thing is that none of us get time to go out on vacations. I think people are just after money.