Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Busy Weekend - Another Kwento!
What a week! I already feel the pressure as day pass by. I still have a lot of things to do and it seems I don't know how, where & when to start. Waaaahhhh! =( Halos everyday puyat ako sa walang katuturang bagay. I've been busy downloading mp3's, bloghopping, e-mail, watching CSI:Miami (Seasons 1 & 2), in short procastinating!
After my friday shift, our team decided to unwind through videoke. We went to Maru KTV & Restaurant along Emerald in Ortigas. It was very popular actually to some of my officemates while it was my first time. The place were not the typical KTV Bar and restaurant I went to but ok naman (mga down-to-earth mga officemates ko!). It was fun. But I have to go early because we need to attend to some wedding preps! Rain just fetch me around 1pm. Parang ayaw ko pa umuwi but sad to say kailangan e.

w/ Rien, Agnes, Denise & Pam (during breaktime)

at Maru w/ the team (wala pa ung iba e- late dumating)

We went first to Mimi's place to pick-up the cd of our prenups. Then to my ortho for adjustments. Buti nalang at magkalapit lang ang place nila sa isat-isa. But because I'm in a hurry tapos ang dami pang patient baka hindi ako matapos agad. So we decided to re-sched nalang by wed. It's already 2pm already and we go straight to Malate to pick-up naman our invites. Medyo maaga kami hehe! =p we're suppose to meet around 4pm pa (3pm dun na kami). I was excited na sana, but when I checked the invites... waaaaaaaaaahhhh! May mali! May kulang ng letters ung surname ng bible bearer. Parang ako ang nanghinayang dun sa mga na-print. =( Henry of Craftmaster were very apologetic naman, kaya he'll deliver nalang daw ng tuesday (actualy, iniintay ko siya today!). Sayang!
We went home muna to fetch my mom & my sister. Kasama na din sila sa final fitting. We're suppose to meet Liselle & Ani in Makati but due to time constraint, dun nalang kami kay Zandra mag-meet along with my other bridesmaids (Emma & Liezel). Mindy, Marj & Me-an can't make it nga lang! However, Belle was there na din but due to traffic along Espana hindi ko man lang nakita na suot nya. Buti nalang at she was able to picture herself. Very Good! =p

Belle (secondary sponsor - candle)

Emma (secondary sponsor - veil)

my 2 bridesmaids (Liezel & Liselle)

L-R: Ani, Liezel, Liselle, Emma & me (together w/ my nephew Joshua)

Liezel & Emma got their gowns already. Unfortunately, Liselle & Ani's needs adjustments pa. hehehe (lam nyo na kung baket!?). So, I'll get their gowns nalang by friday so they dont need to go to Zandra's place (layo kase place nila! Liselle - Muntinlupa & Ani - Pasay). We'll just meet them on sat beca they have class in Ateneo (Rockwell).
My mom & sister also got their gowns na rin. They're both happy naman. Medyo maluwag nga ung gown ng sister ko but no need for adjustment daw hindi naman halata! =p My mom naman medyo masikip pero wag na daw adjust kase siya na daw mag-adjust (diet daw siya for a month). =p
After the fitting, we treat them dinner at Gerry's Grill (Makati). I can't think of any restaurant na ok sa Makati kaya dun nalang bec. Liselle & Ani prefer na dun na din para hindi na rin sila mahirapan sa pag-uwi. (nakalimutan ko cam sa car kaya walang picture!)
It was a tiring night. But its worth it. At least nababwasan na ang worry namin. I got home around 1030pm na. Almost 24hrs na akong gising that day! And the next day naman we'll meet one of our ninong & ninang. They will measure Rain's shoe size. May shoe factory kase sila sa Marikina. They'll give Rain shoe that he'll use on our wedding day. Nagulat nga kami because they'll make 2 pairs for Rain. Ung isa daw pag-office nya. Wow! Kung hindi nga lang meron na akong bridal shoes gagawan din ako! hehe! Thank you so much... Rain will pick-up the shoes on thursday!
Whew! What a weekend... I'll post some of our prenup pics soon. Wala pa akong time i-download! hay! =p

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