Monday, August 01, 2005

Last Sat, we had a great time with my officemates @ Phi Bar Metrowalk. It was an exclusive party for employees hired in the year 2000. Actually, konte lang kami...wala na nga yata 50 e. The management together with our Director had an agreement to treat us since we're pioneers of the company and he's also leaving the company as well =( This is also their way of saying thanks for the increased business we've done for the company, considering we're one of the pioneers in the call center business. We just enjoyed the night chatting, eating, drinking...drinking...drinking....and more drinking! Open bar kase e. Grabe, you could just imagine, in our table alone --- to think puro girls kami ha... we had 2 bottles of Tequila Gold and 2 bottles of Tequila Rose! O my God! As if naman manginginom kaming lahat diba? Nagtaka nga lahat ng mga lalaki sa amin...parang ayaw daw namin uminom! haha! =) Grabe, parang sinusuka ko na ang alak! Sobrang nalasing talaga in wasted! Walang nakaligtas...lahat kaming girls sa table wasted. Isa-isa kaming CR ng Cr para sumuka! Lahat nga ng guys ayaw lumapit sa table namin 'coz hard daw iniinom namin -- beer lang daw sa kanila! And the worst of all... sumuka ako sa starbucks! Yaaakkk! Pero sa Cr naman...hehehe! =) I know Rain was pissed off that time 'coz I promise him na di ako masyado inom because i'll still drive! But syempre, wala siya magawa... he fetch me and drive me home safe and sound!
And the next day, morning! Sakit ng ulo ko... sinusumpa ko na Tequila! waaaaaaaaaah! =(
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