Thursday, August 18, 2005
Cosmo... August issue!
Well, I just want to share an article i read from the latest issue of Cosmo....

Stealth Ways to Keep Him Interested

Really want to enthrall a new guy? These moves will make it impossible for him to get off his mind.

1. Keep your heart under wraps. Regardless of how much this guy rocks your world, avoid the impulse to gush. First, once he knows you're gaga over him, you end the thrill of the chase for him-- which is part of the reason he keeps calling. And second, in the early days, too much over-the-top praise makes him freak out that you'll be one of those clingy girlfriends.

2. Be Irresistible. Since much of your early communication with a new man will probably be via email or text message make your words count. Guys like a little spice, tease him a bit. Drop in a few saucy words, such as "I'm hot for drinks tonight" or take a playful jab, like "I spanked you in a pool last week". Either way, he'll want to return the volleg.

3. Use your body. Make him ache for you with these sly moves. Run your fingers along your exposed collarbone or slowly smooth your hand over your hips or down your torso. When you touch yourself, a guy subconsciously takes it as a cue that you want him to touch you, too... and as an indication that you're very sensual.

(Source: Therapist Terrence Real, Author of How can I get through you?)
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