Thursday, August 11, 2005
Happy Birthday to me!
Yesterday, my birthday! =) What else can I say?... Of course happy! Rain & I together with my mom just went out for lunch @ Dampa in Paranaque. Sobrang busg ako! My mom always the one making tawad! Hindi kase ako marunong tumawad e..hahaha! =) She ordered 1 kilo of alimasag...cooked in coconut milk, also known as Ginatang Alimasag. 2 Kilos of sugpo, (1 kilo, cooked in buttered garlic and the other kilo as sinigang!) And 1 kilo of Grilled Panga! Of couse..a lot of rice! Grabe...kakagutom! Hay! =) Sad to say 'coz we didn't bring any camera! =(

Here's a gift from my future MIL (YSL Wallet)

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