Sunday, August 28, 2005
Sketches from Veluz!

Design B

Design C

Design A

Here are the sketches made by Veluz when we made an appointment with her last August 6. I'm torn between the two designs... However, guys please feel free to comment on the two designs..

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Details: Empire cut long gown in White Gazar with stripe beading accent on the bust area. Sheer back with draping and beading accent. Detachable 4 yard X 40” train with patterned beadwork on the center seam.
There will be patterned beadwork of cut beads, pearls, swarovskis, falt sequins and zero beads!
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  • At 11:24 PM, Blogger airisshu

    hi kaye!! ganda pareho :D kung ako yan mahihirapan ako mamili... napakafickle-minded ko pa naman hihihi pero kung kelangan talaga pumili i'd go for A, the sheer back part kasi of A parang will add drama for a nicer, bride-y look :D

    happy preps!!!