Monday, August 21, 2006
Missed Blogging!
It's been quite a while since I haven't post anything. I missed blogging. Geee! Time really flies so fast. It's exactly 117 days to go. I haven't updated my blog for quite a while (more than a week na!). I've been very busy with wedding preps and work. I didn't even have the chance to open my pc for a week.
Well, to start it of...

Wednesday (August 9) - My birthday! Nothing special. I celebrate my day with my Labidoodle and my family. As usual I still have to come to work (have no choice!). Although we have a birthday leave, I just decided to use it on the day itself. My works starts at 12midnight. So, by 12midnight (my birthday) I was in the office! hehehe =p I ask my sister to cook baked macaroni for me to bring in the office. And one of my officemate gave me my favorite Red Ribbon's Chocolate Mousse. So sweet! =p Sarap!

Rain fetch me after work. He also had his leave. =p We went straight home. We planned to have lunch with my mom and sister. Sayang lang hindi makakasama si Joshua (my brat nephew!). He gave me a surprise gift. O diba? Of course c/o my sister. He's a cutie huh?!

look at his cheeks? taba noh?! =p

We had lunch in Sentro at Greenbelt III. Of course my treat. We had simple lunch lang together with my loveones. Kinda in a hurry nga lang mom ko because she still needs to attend a meeting after lunch. We agreed to watched a movie nalang after kahit na puyat puyat ako from work. We watched CLICK! It tells the story of overworked Michael Newman, (Adam Sandler), an architect so wrapped up in his job because of his boss (David Hasselhoff), that his family is forced to take the backseat. This particularly frustrates his wife (Kate Beckinsale). It was funny though but a lot of lessons learned.

By the way, Rain just gave me money as gift. Ako na daw bahala kung ano ang gusto ko! hehehe =p I have everything na daw. And he's having difficulty looking for a perfect present for me. Naks! Drama! I want to shop sana. Shopping sa Mango of course but I siyempre we need to save up. Dami wedding expenses. Kaya I kept the money and put it in the bank nalang muna. Postponed muna! hehehe =p I had a great time spending my last birthday as a single person. I thank God for giving me a caring and loving family and a future husband.

to be continued...

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