Sunday, August 06, 2006
I've been eyeing for this one. I don't know why! But when I check out the price here in Manila. It's kinda expensive. It's like 400 Php each. I want it really. Kaya lang I'm still having second thought because baka isipin na naman ni Rain na added expense na naman yan. Like when I want a back-up photographer, hala nag-away kami nun. Kaya wag nalang. But when we attended Janice's (ni Randy) wedding in Tagaytay, they have it. Galing! Sabi ko nga kay Rain, ito talaga ang gusto ko. Buti nalang at nagustuhan din nya. hehehe! Yey! =p So, my plan was to order it online and i'll use my cousin's address in the states. Mas mura kase kung dun din e. Baka malula kami sa shipping and handling! I emailed my cousin right away and discuss to me the plan. Buti nalang at pumayag siya. Mas mura nga if you'll order online. By September, uuwi ang one of my tito & tita, kaya sa kanila nalang ipapadala or pedeng pag-uwi nila ng November. They'll have their wedding on december din e 5days after our wedding. Kaya all our relatives from the states will be coming home. Saya! I'm so excited na! Christmas reunion and wedding in one!
Here are some good tips I got from this website.
In the past several years, disposable cameras have become an important part of most wedding receptions. Bride and grooms have discovered the convenience that setting a disposable camera at each table brings. Guests can now have a way of getting involved with the activity, which makes them feel that they play an important in the success of the reception and it gives them something to do during lulls in conversation or times off the dance floor.
The best part is that disposable cameras are inexpensive and, they come in a number of styles. At one time, the only disposable camera you could buy was 24 exposures, no flash, and black. Today, you have a completely new line of options. If you want something to coordinate with a formal wedding, you can choose a solid white camera or if you have a yellow or pink flower or accent, then you can choose from a disposable camera enhanced with a flower motif.
Additionally, instead of the 24 exposures that never seemed to be enough, you can find a 36-exposure disposable camera that will ensure all those special but often not seen photographs will be captured. The other advancement with this type of camera is the flash. Again, for a long time, you could enjoy the convenience of a disposable camera but you were limited to where you could take the pictures. Now with the flash option, you can take those great pictures anywhere, any time of day or night. The quality produced with disposable cameras has also improved dramatically. The pictures are crisper and focused better.
Considering that you can buy in the color or design of your choice, you can purchase a larger number of exposures, enjoy the benefits of flash, and have clean, clear pictures, why would you not want to buy. Better still, disposable cameras are affordable. Therefore, if you have 20 tables, you do not have to worry about buying 20 disposable cameras since the cost is something that will fit into any budget.
The best part of using disposable cameras at your wedding is that your guests, your family and friends will help capture moments that would otherwise be lost. While you are busy with the professional photographer, cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet, or dancing your first dance, there is a multitude of other things going on that cannot possibly be seen. By allowing your guests to participate in your wedding reception, snapping those “behind the scenes” pictures, you can enjoy the entire event and not just the things you see.

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