Thursday, August 24, 2006
Brtiney's Long Lost Twin
Ever see someone you think looks like someone else? Wa-hell....

Meet Britney. Her clone anyway. Lots of people ask if it is really her at first, but no.
Just a fantastic clone. Also a smack resemblance to Jessica Simpson some have pointed out. Especially the middle block.

She's 19; likes to sing, dance, party - blah blah blah.
This picture to the left is taken from a talent show type deal thing singin her heart away (No word if she actually sounds like Britney too - but who cares?).
So whadda you think?
Find this girl attractive?
Think she looks like Britney Spears??
Looks like a real sweet girl. Real fun.
She ain't perfect though.
She's a lot less cute without her makeup on...

Did I mention she's a guy?... Ya. Forgot to mention that part. -Dude in drag folks.

Same person without Make-UP!

Yes friends. That's right.
It's a guy.... A dude. A boy. A fella. A male. A human being with penile reproductive organs.

All for real. Here's some more of our little princess:

Disclaimer: Got this from email. Cool huh?! =p

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