Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Off Our List!

Finally, we've accomplished some of the Church requirements such as Baptismal Certificates and Confirmation Certificates. Though Rain doesn't have his confirmation yet. =( He'll get his confirmation on September 9 at National Shrine of the Sacred Heart (Dao, Makati). He's supposed to get the confirmation at San Miguel Church but he opted to get it nalang sa NSSH kase mura.hehehe! Aside from mas cheaper, its near lang our place kaya he don't have to travel all the way to Malacanang.
Last Saturday, we went to SSA to pick-up our endorsement letter for our Pre-Cana seminar at San Agustin on Sept 2 (8am). Since SSA don't have Bernadette also mention that we'll have to schedule our Canonical Interview by Oct (together w/ SSA parish priest). Ngek. We don't know na meron pa palang ganon. hehehe! We also decided to get our Pre-Cana as early as now para by Sept we'll concentrate on our Marriage License and some wedding stuffs.
Can't believe that its already less than 4months until our wedding day! That's the reason din siguro why almost everyday I had my wedding nightmare. Nanjan na ung pink daw ang color ng shoes ko. Tapos late daw ang HMUA ko, lahat daw umiiyak nung nag walk down the aisle daw ako and I was crying also (which I think magiging totoo). I was a cry baby! There's this instance nga my officemates were planning a stag party for Rain. I just told them na walang stag party at gastos lang yan. Because Rain already told me na wala na ngang ganon. But my officemates were insisting na surprise un and wala talagang alam dun si Rain just in case! Then kinulit kulit pa rin ako kung ano ang mga nangyayari sa stag party (you know what I mean)! Ayun sa kakakulit nila naiyak na ako! huhu =( Tapos I told Rain about it and he assures me na walang ganon! Gastos nga lang. But if ever daw na gawan siya, wala daw siya magagawa. But he promised me na walang girls hahaha! But how can he be sure, e pano kung meron diba? may magagawa ba siya dun? basta sabi ko sama ako sa stag party! nyahaha! =p
Anyways, last Sunday we went to our 2 Ninongs and Ninangs (couple). As usual, binusog nila kami. We brought them cakes from Red Ribbon and wine from Marks and Spencer. Now, we still have 17 ninongs and ninangs pa to visit. hay! This was our target this coming Sept na. Hope we'll finish it. Goodluck haha! =p
I also got a text message from Henry Tan of Craftmaster that our invites layout was done. He'll just send it to me thru email nalang daw. Excited! I just send him the list of our entourage last week. Kaya lang hindi pa halos complete namin nila. Some of them halos nickname palang! hehe! I'm still thinking of love quotes to put in. Hay!
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