Saturday, February 16, 2008
Valentine Gift
I didn't receive my usual Valentine gift which is 'flowers'. But this is what I got... Yey! I was surprise because thursday morning, after work sabi lang nya, pasensiya daw kase nde siya nakabili ng gift for me. Which I understand naman because both of us were busy sa work and the worst is sobrang conflicting ang work schedule namin. Kaya the time we have is weekend. Buti nalang at this week, same ang rest day namin (sat & sun). Minsan lang mangyari to kaya we'll make the most out of it.

Anyways, ang alam ko lang talaga is we'll have post-valentine celebration nalang on the 16 (sat) and 16 was also part of our monthsary. Yes, we still celebrate monthsary! corny noh?! But we are! Though its not a requirement to have a gift for each other, basta we make it a point that we go out or dine out o basta magkasama kami! =p We're not yet decided whether dinner or lunch, but I prefer dinner nalang para romantic hahaha! So un nga, I woke up around 930pm and he's home already. Then he handed me a box.... and greeted me Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Monthsary!

Here's what inside...

Of course, I love my gift. =p Better than flowers. Thank you and I love you Lab. Another addition to my perfume collection! Love it. =p Happy, Happy, Happy!

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