Wednesday, January 02, 2008
MMFF ~ Timezone!
Last Dec 26, Rain & I together with my mom watched Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo. It was very funny. Sobrang lakas ng tawa ng mommy ko. To think nde nya pa napanood ung part 1 ha? =) It was really funny. All the cast did a very great job in portraying their roles especially to Gina Pareno. Galing! Wala akong masabi! I'm sure she'll have an award again. (masyado bang showbiz?! hahaha).
Anyways, after the movie we went to timezone and tried playing Deal or No Deal. We had a few game. Masyadong nakaka-addict. Kakainis lang because the points are being divided. Kaya kahit makuha mo ung 100, 50 points lang equivalent nun. My mom enjoyed it as well. If it was on a real game daw talo na agad siya. hehe! Rain is so addictus to timezone. Kaya everytime nasa mall kami he'll see to it that we'll drop by timezone. This was just his past time and stress-reliever. =) Ako naman na-addict sa UFO catcher. I already have a bunch. I kept it inside my car. Naglolokohan na kami ni Rain mukha na daw taxi car namin kase dami stuff toys. hehehe! =p It's really fun to be a kid again. Sabi nga ni Rain stress-reliever namin from work.

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