Monday, November 12, 2007
Free Accomodation
Last Fri, I got a call from Club Astoria. I was leary about it because where did they got our information. They didn’t disclose the information however, they just said it was referred by their client who dined-in in their hotel. They invite us for a lunch buffet and wants us to give them 90 mins of our time to present their product - Club Astoria. Well, Rain agreed to attend the invitation as long as there’s no catch and we’re not obliged to get he membership. So we went there Sat lunch time and we’re late! The food was great. And after we had our lunch, they explained the membership right away. After explaining the benefits and features. We’re anxious to know the price. And it was sooooo EXPENSIVE! If we have the money lang we’ll go for it. But it’s not our priority. We’re saving to have our own house. The good thing is they also gave us a FREE one week or 8days/7nights accomodation to Bali, Indonesia or any place indicated in the voucher just for attending their invitation to present their product. Not bad at all huh? :) Imagine you can have a vacation package for 30 years for Free anywhere in the world???!!! But the sad part is it’s so EXPENSIVE!

You can visit their site here.
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