Wednesday, October 31, 2007

According to Wikipedia, Retrenchment means the reduction of expenditures in order to become financially stable (e.g., by cutting jobs). It is a tactical concept similar to downsizing. This strategy is often used by corporations under pressure to raise profits, or who are failing in certain sectors and wish to concentrate in higher-gain areas.

This is what’s happening to our company right now. It’s really bad-timing. Christmas season is fast approaching. We’re less 100 left in the office right now and don’t know the next move of the company. Some of the higher-higher ups in operations were retrenched just this evening. What a Monday huh?! You can almost feel the pressure of being on the what side are you when some of your friends will be leaving soon and you won’t be able to see them everyday. I admit, that is one factor or reason why I’m still holding on is because of your friends. you don’t consider them not just officemates but really good friends. So sad, because for the past 7 years of working together, we won’t be seeing those faces everyday. Almost everyone were crying to sympathize with them. But of course, life has to go on!


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