Sunday, October 28, 2007
New Gadget Again!
Rain I may say was a gadget lover. Game to be exact. He has playstation, psp, dreamcast, etc… name it! Just this week, we already received our monthly credit card statement. When he opened it. He was shocked! I was driving that time on our way to Shopwise for our grocery. Then, he hand me over a brochure regarding toys. Meron 0% daw! As usual ang gusto na naman nya is another gadget. Though it was on a very minimal amount, I was so leary about it. Ang dami na nyang gadget. Hindi na nga nya halos nagagamit lahat un noh He kept on insisting that it was 0% naman and it’s just for 6months max. Tahimik lang ako… and don’t want to argue with him about getting new gadget — by the way, it’s Gameboy Advance SP! Sabi ko sa isip ko… mas high-tech pa nga ung psp at playstation nya… bat gusto nya pa un?!

On our way home, he then checked the directory. Akala ko kung ano na un. Un pala e he wants to call the store if the gameboy is still available. Whew! Grabe na ito! Ayun, meron pa daw. He was eager to tell me that it’s still available. I really felt his excitement. Christmas gift daw nya sa sarili nya un. Well, para wala ng away cge na. E last week, nag-shopping ako hahaha! :)) at wala siyang nasabi nun ha, though it was a sale naman! Best buy na talaga halos nabili ko bec it was 50% O diba? Here’s my shopping spree in details:

  • Lacoste rubber shoes - original price 5K! I bought it only at 2,500.
  • 4 polo shirts from F&H - original price 575 each! I bought it only at 250 each.
  • 1 mini skirt from F&H - original price 800! I bought it only at 399.
  • 1 pants from mossimo - original price 1,900! I bought it only at 750.
  • 1 Nine West Shoes - original price 3,000! I bought it only at 999.

Grabe ba? Ok lang naman diba? Imagine kung original price ang bili ko… hahaha! Nagpsalamat pa nga siya that time at buti daw nde sale ang Mango. Naku siguro pag-sale. I’m sure nde na naman ako mapakali. hahaha! :)

Going back to Rain’s gadget. After work, he fetch me at the office and we had our breakfast over Jollibee…then right after before the mall opens nandun na kami. We went to Toys R Us in Robinson’s Galeria. Ayun. Sobrang excited. Mababaw lang daw ang kaligayahan nya! I’m so happy na rin. Because he’s happy!


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