Monday, October 22, 2007
Happy Bday Mother Dearest!
What a tiring day! We just celebrated my mom's 55th birthday over dinner at Burgoo, Promenade. Nakakatawa pa nga since I have my free "Tomato Basil Spaghetti" as a treat for my birthday from HSBC credit card na hindi ko naman nagamit because late nang dumating ung letter. So, we planned it ahead na sa birthday nalang ni Mama namin gamitin. Then, we went to Powerplant (the nearest Burgoo from our place) right after lunch around 3pm. Wala lang ikot ikot lang since my mom was full pa that time, so parang merienda nalang. Then come 4:30pm we went upstairs and found out that Burgoo is under renovation. Waaaahhhh! Asar diba? Buti nalang at we didn't stay that long enough for us to be hungry. Kaya we went to Greenhills Promenade's Burgoo. Buti nalang at medyo walang traffic (though we're not that in a hurry naman). Then come the waitstaff, I presented the certificate and take our order. I didn't realize that meron pa palang additional na freebie of "Seafood Jambalaya" if I ordered more than 500Php. Buti nalang at binanggit saken. So, we had to pay only few bucks because we had 2 free dishes. Galing-galing! My mom was so happy that day... we celebrate it w/ the family as simple yet memorable. We gave her a bag as a present.
Happy Birthday Mother! We love you...
taken from my new phone P990i
(na-lowbat na ung camera namin dala) Bad trip!
Speaking of new phone, finally after how many years of depriving myself of buying new phone. Hehe! Lagi kaseng si Rain ang nag-uupgrade and ako ang nagmamana ng celphone nya... The last celphone I bought was Nokia 7650 and that was year 2002. O diba? Kaluma-lumaan talaga! After that, never na ako bumili lagi nalang bigay ni Rain. From Nokia 7650 to Ericsson T610 to K700 to K750i. I've been eyeing for this for a long time. Very cheap compared to other celphones who has complicated features. Actually, para sken medyo complicated ... halos nde ko pa nga tapos basahin manual. But what I like about this is PDA, camera and celphone all-in-one.
Now I'm still on the process of exploring its features. Kakaloka.... ;)

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  • At 2:19 AM, Blogger gracita

    uy pareho tayo ng phone. ang dame niyang features pero hindi ko halos nagagamit :)

    welcome back to the blogging world! i totally understand the katamaran part. ganyan din ako. both for our video and wedding album. threelogy na nga lang namili ng music namin dahil 1yr na at di pa kame nakakapili, hahaha! well, after the wedding, parang nakakatamad na diba?

  • At 12:53 PM, Blogger Rainier & Katrina

    I agree. ay naku sobrang pressure ang wedding album at video saken... all our relatives were even asking for it. Kaya goodluck sken talaga.

    Oo nga sobrang dami features sobra ng fon naten. Pero text lang kase ako at notepad. Siyempre mga 'things to do' as well...