Thursday, November 08, 2007
Plans For Anniversary
Rain & I were already planning where to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We don’t have much time to go out of the country because we just got from HK last Oct. (dami gastos!) We just want to celebrate it as simple as possible. Because just this year alone we had 2 out-of-town (Palawan & Bohol) & 1 out-of-the-country. We just want to unwind and spend time together (malay naten — baby made in baguio! nyahaha! :p). When we were bf-gf, the first out-of-town trip we had is baguio were we celebrated our 1st year anniversary. Now, he thinks that we should go to baguio to celebrate again our 1st wedding anniversary. So as early as now we’re plotting our leaves for Dec. (unahan ang pag-file sa office haha!)

oooppps… sorry panget ng background… one of the shop near Minesview Park


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