Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Inaanak ~ Amare!
Last Sat, I was able to attend my inaanak's 2nd birthday. Too bad because Rain wasn't able to attend because of emergency team building from their department (IT). So, I decided to bring along my nephew ~ Joshua (of course with the yaya!).

Parang naging reunion namin un ng mga former officemates from our previous company (SVI) na halos lahat buntis! And as usual, natanong na naman ako at baket nde pa ako nabubuntis. Hahawaan nalang daw nila ako. Parang bulutong daw un. Imagine 3 silang buntis?

The party was held @ Mcdonald's (Quezon Ave). I was able to cover the party. hehehe! Here's some of the shots I took.

For more pictures click here.

His CAKE (F1 theme!)

with my kumare Ria and his hubby Hans

of course, AMARE!

my former officemates

and lastly, my nephew ~ Joshua! (enjoying the party)

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