Sunday, April 03, 2005
Our Astrological Sun Sign
ABOUT HIM! (April 19)

ARIES, the Ram, is the very first sign of the zodiac. As such, it is bursting with energy that simply cannot be contained. Confident, enthusiastic, and independent, persons born under the sign of Aries are prone to rush impulsively into situations... and get out before the hard work starts! You are pioneers rather than settlers. While you enjoy rigorous physical or engaging social activities, you don't stay for long. Your inquisitive nature propels you hastily onward to your next adventure.
You often said to be headstrong and competitive. You delight in a good fracas, perhaps because your personality is partially shaped by the ruling planet Mars, named for the fearless god of war. You are quick to anger but even quicker to cool off, and your rebelliousness is often equated with courage, passion, and spontaneity.
More comfortable leading than following, you tend to resent those in authority, through you make a good executive yourself. You seek to investigate the unknown and are often impatient with those who lag behind.
Aries is sometimes viewed as the charismatic adolescent of the zodiac. People born under many of the calmer signs will simply stand back in awe at the fiery ways of your take-no-prisoners personality.
ABOUT HER (August 9)
LEO, the Lion, is the one and only King of the Zodiac. Ruled by none other than the Sun, Leo has a bright and fiery persona. You are a natural, willful leader... and you display considerable impatience toward those who fail to recognize your royal status.
For all your Leonine antics, you tend to be easily wounded. Your emotions are fragile, and even the weakest opponent can hurt you (and your pride) very deeply. When this happens, you roar! This display of power brings you the attention you crave, which soothes you. Bursting with creative fire, Leos make brilliant actors, in life as well as onstage.
The Lion's passionate nature means you are prone to fall easily in -- and out of --love. You tend to be as protective in your love life as you are spontaneous and dramatic. This is a confusing combination, and you are sometimes accused of insensitivity and testiness. However, your healthy self-image is soon restored, assisted by your well-developed sense of humor.
Leos, beware: You have the capacity to be either a caring guardian to you "subjects"... or a self-centered megalomaniac! You must contain your fire and let it kindle a desire for deep, mystical enlightenment. Then you will achieve the brilliance that is your astrological birthright.
(from the book: "What your birthdate reveals about you")
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