Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Back-up Photo ~ Get or Not?
I'm curious with this concept! I still don't know if this is practical or not? Purpose? The word itself! Back-up of course! Even if you already have a main photographer, some still want to have more photos. Last Tuesday, I'm having this discussion with Rain whether we should get a back-up photographer or not! He just said, don't you trust Mimi? What's it's purpose? Hala! Wala akong masabi. I just said, "Additional photographer, more photos!". And he added, another expense diba? Well, sabi ko lang mura naman e 5,000Php! He just said wag na! Hay! I'm eyeing sana Gel Motilla's Back-up photography. Although, I trust naman Mimi for her craft, I just want those candid shots. Parang I want to do some project after the wedding dun sa mga shots na makukuha namin from the back-up photography. And Gel's package includes also free prenup na din. O diba? I even emailed Gel na for his backup photo package, and had quick replies as well. And the good thing is open pa ang date namin sa kanya and kahit na back-up lang, siya pa rin talaga ang magko-cover. But sad thing, Rain really doesn't want! Just in case, meron na kami kay Mimi, meron pa ule diba? He really doesn't want it! Sabi nya we already invest more on photography, what's the use of getting another one? Added expense and very impractical daw! So, kahit na parang gusto ko talaga, he really insist na wag na! Hay! =( Sayang talaga! Gusto ko nga sana sabihin ako na lang ang bayad hehehe! Kaya lang mukhang nagalit na e! Ayaw ko nalang kami mag-away! Hay! At isa pang Hay!
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  • At 8:36 AM, Blogger Cynchie

    hi kaye! thanks for dropping by my blog. and thank you for appreciating my gown. nakakatouch coz even after more than a year of being married, i still get good reviews about it. i'm sure it'll be the same for you, coz you're also a veluz bride.

    sure, link me up. will do the same.

    abt the back up photogs, wag na lang. mimi & carl have great reputations naman when it comes to their craft. im sure di ka mabibitin sa dami ng photos kahit wala nang back-up photogs.

    nung wedding namin, we had alan borras and another guy from his team. tapos sinurprise nya ko to bring in a 3rd guy - free of charge! sobrang happy ako, at sobrang bumaha ng photos tlaga. hehehe!

    happy preps!

  • At 8:00 PM, Blogger QT

    hi kaye. nd naman ganun ka important ung back up photo. mimi and carl is a great team, im sure everything will be covered. you can ask naman your family and friends to take extra pics (which im sure they'll do even without being asked =p).

    i got kix as back up not bec. i don't have faith in rene (i totally trust him) kaya lang i have specific shots i wanted covered (oa e!) and i want rene to focus on me! (selfish) hehe.