Tuesday, May 09, 2006
What a Sunday!
I had to come to work last Saturday! It's an Overtime! We're required to come since it's per our client's request. Grrrrrrrr... Kainis talaga! 'Coz Rain & I plan to watch MI:3. So, naudlot na naman. He's eyeing on this kase for a week. Nung wednesday palang 1st showing day gusto nang manood. With our different schedule, we wasn't able to find time! =( Hopefully, this coming week! (fingers-crossed!)
After my Saturday shift, Rain & I went to their house and had our breakfast. Nothing special, we just played with his nephew, Duncan! Kakagulat 'coz the last time I saw him, kinda small pa siya. He's turning 10 months this May 25th. Kakatuwa!
Then, I went home around 8am. As usual, computer pa rin. Check on my blog and emails. Then, went to sleep around 10 am of Sunday. And guess what time ako nagising... 3 am na ng Monday! Whoooa! Ayaw ko naman matulog noh? hahaha :D With all the puyat for the week. Bumawi lang ako ng sleep! Hay! And again, work later! =D
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  • At 7:00 AM, Blogger Eya

    Hello sis!
    Super pangulo ng sked talaga work no? We watched M:I:3 na rin on the 1st day of showing, di na rin namin pinalagpas, kasi kagagaling namin canonical sa SOJ, then diretso kami G4 hehehe. you'll find the right time din =)