Friday, May 05, 2006
My co-w@wie december 16 bride, Ai is so kind enough to do us a Save-The-Date! I don't know how to do one e. Hindi kase ako medyo marunong ng photoshop hehe! I want to try digiscrapping as well. Kailangan lang siguro bigyan ng panahon to learn from it! Wish ko lang *Sigh*
Thank you so much Ai! She's also making another one. She'll include pictures of us, our church and the reception as well. Parang trial and error daw muna hehehe. But I'm posting what she did! Simple but striking! Thanks again Ai! I owe you alot! Kaya kailangan tayong magkaroon ng EB before our wedding date! (Calling Cheche, Ana & Sheryll).
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  • At 3:30 AM, Blogger Maeyo

    Ang sweet naman ni Sis Ai to do this for you. :) I like the silver texture effect. Medyo mahirap lang basahin yung note on the lower right pero baka dahil maliit lang sa screen ko. :)