Thursday, May 18, 2006
Happy 37th Monthsary!
It's our 37th Monthsary yesterday! We just celebrate it over breakfast. As usual to our ever-favorite Pancake House @ Rockwell, Makati. It's also exactly 7 months to go before the BIG Day! Grabe, time was really, really fast! Madami dami pa rin akong kulang! I jot down some of the things I needed to priorize. Hindi ko lang alam bat parang di namin ma-desisyunan agad!
Here are some of the things we need to focus on:
1. Honeymoon - though matagal pa naman. We're torn between Palawan or Bohol. But Rain prefers Bohol nalang! I inquire about the PALakbayan last month and contacted a travel agency. So far, ok naman ang mga quotations nila sa amin. We decided to go with 4days / 3nights. However, di pa din sure yung exact date, whether to go with Dec 18-21 or Jan 3-6, 2007.
For Bohol Package:
Roundtrip airfare via PAL
Airport transfer
4days / 3nights
Daily breakfast
Bohol Tour
Alona Palm Beach - Grabe! Ang mahal! As in sobra! For me, it's really expensive! But Rain said, if I really like this one, it's ok! Pero I decided not to! Kase sobrang mahal talaga! It's like more than $1,000 . Grabe! Kahit na parang gusto ko talaga. I just decided wag nalang! Next time nalang siguro if we have all the money to spend and time as well. hahaha! Nagkuripot! =p Since, it's only for a 4days/ 3nights, expensive pa rin para saken.
Panglao Island - Quite reasonable na! One of our top choices as well.
Alona Tropical - I think this was the cheapest among the Alona Beach! The price was good enough. Tamang-tama lang sa budget namin including our pocket money as well. O diba?! I think this is the ONE!
For Palawan Package:
Roundtrip airfare
Airport transfers
4days / 3nights
Daily breakfast
City Tour, Underground tour, Honda Bay Tour
Asturias Hotel - Cheapest among Puerto Princesa PALakbayan Package. Reasonable enough! Less expensive. And less than pa sa budget namin, kasama ang pocket money na din! Galing!
Hotel Fleuris - Much Better. Mukhang maganda ang amenities nila! We're also considering this one if we'll go with Palawan!
2. Entourage Designer - Grabe! Hirapan ako mamili talaga! 7 months to go and wala pa rin akong designer. I've searched more than 4 na yata. And still ang tagal ko mag-decide! Dami ko kase niko-consider. Siyempre magaling yet affordable! Kahit na my whole wntourage will be paying for their gowns, siyempre ayoko naman din na mahirapan sila at di nila magustuhan ang mga designers na makukuha ko. Sa akin pa ang blame in the end diba?!
Tet Hagape - I've been emailing her ever since. And prompt naman ang mga response nya sa inquiries ko. However, when I already sent her the samples gowns I want for the whole entourage, nawalan siya yata ng reply. Hindi na siya sumagot sa mga emails ko. Hindi ko alam if she already dumped me or what! But siyempre, I won't give up. I'll try her once again, pag hindi na siya nagreply siguro, that's the time I should loom for another designer.
Leonine Bautista - Got this one from fellow w@wie Faye. Although she didn't actually recommend her because of her work. But still she's kind enough to give me her contact numbers. Come when I called her up. Hindi ko alam kung wrong number ako or what. Pero very rude ang mga sumasagot. The hell! E nasa bad mood din ako that time. Kaya erase from the list! =)
Cecil Abad - He's the first designer I met when I'm searching for my gown designer. With my college bestfriend Katukayo's (Trina ni Ken - also a w@wie) recommendation, I had the chance to met him. Lapit pa sa house namin. You can even take a 1 ride jeep. Tatawid lang ng South Super Highway. I had fun also with him (gay kase!). With his good reputation at w@w, convinced ako na magaling nga siya. I even saw some of his work sa shop, which is really pretty good. And I even saw Trina's gown as well as the whole entourage nung wedding nya. Simple but elegant! Want him also because accessible kase siya sa lahat ng entourage ko. Since it's located in Manila, middle of North & South! hehehe! I keep on texting him a month ago pa, walang reply. I just don't know kung he also dumped me na rin or what!
Zandra Lim - This was my officemate's designer, who's also a w@wie (Janice & Randy). I haven't met her yet. But I'm getting a lot of good feedbacks as well from fellow w@wies. Her Entourage gown starts from 2,000 to 2,500. Not quite bad diba? I'm still going to meet her this Sat with Janice for her final fitting!
3. Wedding Bands - I'm having a hard time in choosing the designs for our bands. Actually, ako lang talaga ang undecided. Because everytime na nagpapakita ako ng designs kay Rain, pili agad siya! Ako naman ang sobrang undecided talaga! Dapat matagal na tapos na if not because of my fickle mind! hehehe! Masyado lang siguro ako choosy! We've contacted 2 suppliers who can help us with the designs we want.
Goldenhills - They have a variety of nice looking and affordable bands. When we went to their shop at Greenhills, Ellen was very helpful with the designs we want. They gave us prompt answers to our queries and sends us the designs through email. Ang bilis ng reply! And price... it's affordable!
Matus - They also have a wide variety of designs. With all the good feedbacks from their customers, mukhang ok naman sila. Haven't decided yet kase medyo mahal ang quote nila sa amin dun sa design na gusto namin! Goodluck!
So far, yan palang muna focus ko this coming month. I'm keeping myself busy with unimportant things e kaya yan natambak tuloy! hehehe! :D
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  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger QT

    hello girl! nakaktuwa, if u decide to go to palawan in dec, bka magkita pa tayo dun! hahaha. we'll b staying at fleuris (18-22). saya! re tet, i think u have to constantly follow it up. medyo tagal nga sya magreply. my coord would have to text her pa na me email ako para mag check sya. hehehe. hope that helped.

  • At 8:00 AM, Blogger Rainier & Katrina

    Hi sis! Thanks ha! oo nga pala sa fleuris nga kayo... pag dun kami natuloy..hahaha! Kita tayo ha? hehehe!

    Medyo kakainis nga e..tagal talga nya mag-reply! with matching text pa un ha?! Hay

    Thanks again sis!

  • At 11:48 PM, Blogger alynn

    hello kaye, it was tet who made my ento gowns but if i have to do it again, ill choose cecil because his works is just beautiful and might want to see toni's ento gowns kasi sya gumawa the way, he is really hard to contact kasi very busy yan...just drop by his shop and he will entertain you for sure...tell him alynn said HI!

  • At 1:07 AM, Blogger flowerdrumsong


    Have you considered Lya Armovit? I think you live pretty close to Market! Market! she has a shop there. It looks like she has a great sense of style and very straightforward, try mo rin sha! ;)

    Hope this helps.