Sunday, May 28, 2006
Our wedding bands!
I've been busy for the past days choosing on our wedding bands. I'm having a hard time. Everytime I ask Rain about it, he's just saying, "Kung ano ang gusto mo ok lang! at kung ano sa tingin mo ang maganda!". That's his answer everytime I ask him to choose from the designs I sent with Matus and designs sent by Goldenhills to us. Minsan, naisip ko bakit gano lagi ang sagot nya? it seems he's not giving importance to this. Siyempre, this would be the band that we'll wear for the rest of our lives. But I truly understand naman, 'coz I know he wants me to decide for us. Baka kase kung ano ang piliin nya, di ko naman gusto. So, he's just playing safe! hehehe! =p Ang sweet diba? Basta kung ano ang gusto ko, gusto na rin nya!
And after a series of number of emails from Matus, finally, we already decided the design we want for our rings. As usual, Rain wants his rings w/out stones (more of a technical kase siya e). Belle of Matus we're really kind enough to customized the designs for our bands. She even suggested to just take advantage of the discount they'll have during fair. E hindi ko naman alam kung kelan meron fair. Ang alam ko sa June pa un. E before we discuss the prices, she mentioned to me na nagtaas na daw sila since tumaas na din daw ang price ng gold. Whaaat??? Ano ba yan? Hindi lang ako makapag-reply the past few weeks bec. we really haven't decided yet. Kaya ganon. Buti nalang at sinabi nya na meron sa Le Pavillion this Saturday, pede namin siya i-meet dun.
Here's the designs she customized for us:
2 rows of diamonds (half-eternity)
5mm 14K white gold
a.1 Groom's ring is plain (no groove)
Bride's ring with 34 round diamonds at 0.01 carat
a.2 Groom's ring with 42 round diamonds at 0.01 carat
Bride's ring with 34 round diamonds at 0.01 carat
Single Row of Diamonds (half Eternity)
5mm, 14k white gold
b.1. Groom's ring is plain (no groove)
Bride's ring with 15 round diamonds at 0.02 carat
b.2 Groom's ring with 19 round diamonds at 0.02 carat
Bride's ring with 15 round diamonds at 0.02 carat
She's gave us also 15% discount (5% w@wie & 10% during the bridal fair). So, we went this morning after my friday shift to discuss more on our rings. We went there around 9am. E start ng fair 10am. Good thing at pede na rin pumasok. We're the 1st guest yata ang nandun hehehe! =p
When we're already in their booth, Belle was the 1st one who greeted us. Warm-welcome agad. Parang bahay! =P And again, for the Nth time, nag-customized na naman kami. She handed me their sample of the same design we want for our rings. Ayun! Compute na naman siya! para kaseng hindi ako kuntento kung ung ring ni Rain is plain simple band, tapos ung sa akin may stones. Kaya I requested ule for a computation if we'll just have the same half eternity! Parang konte lang ang difference nung price if he'll still stick with the plain simple band. Worry lang kase ni Rain is baka matanggalan ng bato. Papangit na daw. I even agree with him. But Mye (owner) assured us that since the stone is not that huge, its impossible to fall off and meron daw parang kinakapitan pa din ung diamonds dun sa ring. Kaya un, medyo na-convice na si Rain!haha =)

Rain's: 5.5mm 14K half eternity / Kaye's: 5mm 14K half eternity

We scheduled our fitting on August 2006. We want to have our rings done by September! Atat?hehehe! =P

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  • At 1:17 AM, Blogger Forever Yang

    Hay naku Kaye! Ganon din si h2b laging ako na ang bahala sa lahat ng bagay. E minsan if you can't make-up your mind, mas magandang may nagbibigay ang h2bs natin ng ideas nila diba? Pero later on I realized na hindi lang pala si H2b ko ang ganon. hehe most of them are like that! Anyways, tanggapin nalang na ganon sila. Tutal tayo naman ang nasusunod. :)

  • At 10:48 AM, Blogger mai

    nice wedding rings! :)