Monday, July 03, 2006
No Work Monday!
Last night Rain, I & my sister watched the most awaited movie of the year, Superman! The movie was soooooooo great! I'm not fanatic of superheroes but with Superman, man grabe! I've already watched all Superman from Part 1 to 4. Addict lang noh? hehehe! Not only that, Brandon Routh really gave justice in portraying the new Superman. Though he looks like Christopher Reeves (in the 80's) but for me, he's better & very good looking! As in! The whole time we're watching, my sister was keep on repeating how handsome he is! In all angles! =p Perfect!
We're supposed to watch the movie at IMax in Mall of Asia. But when we discovered that it cost 500Php per head! Whaaaat? For a movie? Duh?! Grabe naman sa mahal! Siguro naka-8 movies na kami ni Rain nun. And that's 1000 Php for both of us! Nah! Wag nalang! We're joking pa nga, if we'll be watching that that's our 1st and last na to watch a movie sa IMax! E we're cutting our expenses pa naman ngayon for the wedding! Lapit na! =p Less than 5 months. And by friday, it'll be my 1st fitting with Veluz. So excited! =p Though I know katcha lang yun, but I will have a glimpse of how long, what's the cut of my gown! Nananaginip na nga ako lately e. Halos every night! Nagiging paranoid lang siguro ako! And by Sunday, Rain & his family will have the Pamamanhikan na! So, nervous na din! I don't know why. This would be the first time my mom & my future MIL (mother-in-law) will meet. Sayang lang 'coz both of us don't have our father to witness this special occasion. Escpecially our wedding day! But I'm sure they're there for us in spirit! (nyay.. kakatakot!) hehehe!
Just this afternoon, since both Rain & I don't have work. Rain - because of Pasig day while mine is because of the US independence day, we decided to have a visit with one of our prospect suppliers for our invites, Craftmaster. Grabe ang traffic! I don't know what's with the day! Ewan ko ba at lahat ng puntahan namin shortcut ni Rain lahat traffic! We even called the office just to make sure we're not lost. Anyways, when we got there, Henry Tan (the owner) was very accomodating. He showed us their samples. Though their samples are limited, their prices were affordable enough compared with the other suppliers we considered. We got it less than 100 Php. Ok na din! We were surprised kase the invite we want e medyo formal and classic. E we're expecting na siguro 100++ siya! But surprisingly, it's less than pa! Rain was very eager to get him na for our invites. Sad to say, I don't have the sample nga lang. But Henry promised me he'll just email me the pegs.
We even discuss that we want sana to get the invites by early November since we'll be sending some of it abroad. Good enough for us to have time to give out or distribute na din! The disadvantage lang is baka if 1 month to go pa ang wedding, baka makalimutan nga lang.=p We didn't stayed that long, natakot kami sa traffic na naman pauwi, kahit na Malate lang siya and I'm from Makati. Parang lumayo dahil sa traffic! We paid 50% for the downpayment. Bayaran na daw namin sabi ni Rain para wala na daw kami problemahin at hindi pabalik-balik! Hmmm... meron nga naman siyang point. Kung ikaw ung tipong decided na baket pa ipagpapaliban diba? Kase naman ang mga babae, hirap magdecide! Napaka-fickle-minded! hehe =p At least minor nalang ang kailangan namin. Time really flies soooo fast! You'll never know, hala baka bukas December 16 na! Goodluck! =p
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  • At 1:08 AM, Blogger Maeyo

    WOW!!! Napanuod mo na superman!!! Hinihintay namin yan ni Ariel kasi may free tickets kami na gagamitin for that! HEHEHEHE.

    Buti na lang sabi mo galing galing.. sulit na sulit yung free tickets namin nun! Yippeeee!

    Tama ka sis about fickle-minded. I am naturally the type who knows what she wants pero these days.. naku! nagiging fickle-minded na rin ako! dami kasing choices! :)

  • At 8:10 AM, Blogger surfergirl

    hi kayw :) grabe ang mahal naman pala ng IMAX kailangan superman ka muna bago makanuod! anyway lapit na big day mo good luck with the preps ! :)

  • At 8:54 AM, Blogger dionne

    hi kaye! lapit na pala fitting & pamamanhikan. yey! =)

    gwapo ni superman noh! =D

  • At 2:45 PM, Blogger Ann

    buti ka pa nakakanood ng movies :( sad to say, wala kasi Movie houses dito sa Laoag ... wala nga big mall eh. Sana sa August meron pang Superman, dun kami manonood ni Jason hahaha.

  • At 9:39 AM, Blogger airisshu

    hi kaye!

    we're considering din craftmaster :) i'm talking now to marie thru mails.. medyo mahal quote nya sa min :( pero hopefully mapababa nya pa.. :)

    bilis ng panahon! lapit na!